Jan 26th
Honors Physics: We will begin Chapter 11 HW has been posted
Robotics: We will begin Processing Language, you can bring your own laptop if
you so choose.

Jan 19, 2014
I will be in the classroom from 1-5pm on Monday Jan 20th. Call me at
510-537-5910 x 3763 to be let in


December 13, 2013

Material on threshold setting and line counting has been uploaded.
Wednesday Oct 30th
Honors Physics: Test tomorrow,  Elevator problem in handouts:

A great site for additional physics tutorials, review, practice problems, and
more is:


Monday Oct 21,
Robotics: Test on Oct 25, and review on Oct 24th
All reference material is now available in the handout section.


Friday Oct 11,

Honors Physics has been posted
Wednesday  Sept 26
Robotics; For Friday quiz review PID controllers and Synching Motors there are 
           documents in the handout section on each subject.


Tuesday Sept 17
Challenge 3 will be collected on Friday 9/20,( Challenge 2 not required)

Monday Sept 16

Honors Physics home work has been posted


Sunday Sept 15
Robotics: Many Lab reports were not turned in. If not turned in on Monday   
Sept 16 the grade will  be "0"

Honors Physics: Chapter 2 test on Monday 

Thursday Sept 12th
Robotics: Quiz on Friday
Friday Sept 6th, 2013
Honors Physics: homework has been posted. Chapter 2 test on Friday Sept 13th.

Robotics:  Lab reports will be discussed on Monday and not turned in.