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Midterm Grades

Midterm Grades - This is available for your review. Please review it, and get back to me with any questions you may have. Midterm grades are not reported on your transcript. This is for your information only. Access your midterm grade by keying in your College of Marin ID number (usually starting with Capital M, zero, zero). The spreadsheet presented will show your percentage score for each homework and quiz assignment. That percentage will be converted into a point total. Homework assignments are worth 4 points, and quizzes are worth 6 points. For example, 100% on Chapter 1 HW will equal 4 points, 80% on Ch 1-2 quiz will equal 4.8 points. PLEASE NOTE: This is a record of your homework Chapters 1- 7 and your quizzes through Chapters 1- 6, as of midterm end 3-20-16. If you have done extra credit work, that is added to your total. The total points possible for the homework and quizzes range of work (described above) = 46 points. The grading scale is as follows: A= 41.17 and above B= 36.57 to 41.16 C= 31.97 to 36.56 D= 27.37 to 31.96 F= below 27.37 A grade of W means that the student has been withdrawn from the class. "Drop" means that the student has dropped the course

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