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How can I help you?



Success in the classroom often depends on sharing information,
difficulties, and concerns with the teacher. Below, please find a
questionnaire that is for my use only. By completing this
form, you will also make me aware of the difficulties that you
might face in taking this course, any obstacles you might have in
completing it, and any other concerns that you might have. I am
here to help you succeed in this course in any way I can.

  • 1) Will you have any difficulties enrolling in the class at the start of the semester?
    If so, please describe. The College requires that all students attending class
    be enrolled, but I can give a one week extension during the first week of classes.

  • 2) Will you need any additional help outside the classroom, such as
    tutoring, consulting with me during office hours, study groups?

  • 3) Will you have any difficulties obtaining the text or needed
    materials for the class?

  • 4) Will you have any difficulties in reading/understanding the text and
    chapter quizzes? Do you have any speaking/language difficulties
    that might make it hard for you to respond to questions in class?

  • 5) Are you able to attend all the class meetings? If you can foresee
    being absent from class, please let me know here and the reason
    for the absence.

  • 6) Do you have access to a computer at home or at work that you can
    use? Does it have the recommended operating systems and browsers? Do you have access to the Internet? Do you have an email

  • 7) Will you need help in taking notes? Do you have any writing

  • 8) Do you need special accommodations in the classroom? Do you need a
    seat near the front of the class for hearing and seeing purposes?
    Do you need a special chair?

  • 9) Is there anything in the classroom environment that may not be
    conducive to your health, and learning (ie fragrances, allergies to
    chalk, excessive noise, lighting, temperature)

  • 10) Is there anything that you would like to tell me about yourself
    that you think that I should know?

  • 11) Will you have any difficulties in solving basic math problems?
  • 12) What are the specific things that you need to learn in this course?

  • 13) Why are you taking this course?

  • 14) What do you primarily hope to learn?

  • 15) What is your email address or phone number so that I can contact you if need be in addressing the concerns you have mentioned above?


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