May 19th, 2017   



There will be no more homework being sent home. We will still be working in class preparing for 5th grade.


The next two weeks we are going to be working on a biography project. Students are going to get to pick a person from my list of 39 people and read a short book about them. They will then answer questions and create a small presentation. This should be done all in class.


We will finish our last math unit working on problem solving and then begin working on 5th grade math strategies.

Social Studies

Last week we began a simulation game about the California Gold Rush. Students had to pretend to form mining companies and plan a route to the California Golden Clutches. Once at the mining camp, students have to answer questions and complete worksheets to earn gold nuggets. The group that earns the most gold nuggets will be an automatic 100% and will not have to take the end of the unit test.


I am so happy to share that we are done with testing. I am so proud of this class. They took their time each day and worked hard. We had 100% perfect attendance all week for testing. Thank you to all the parents who supplied us with drinks, snacks, napkins, hand sanitizer and for getting your child to school on time.


This Monday, we will be having our relaxing day. Believe me, they have earned this. We will be watching movies, playing our electronic devices, and hanging with friends. Students have also earned a pizza party supplied by me. Students will be making their own pizzas in class and eating the rest of our snacks.

Upcoming Events

May 26th Awards Assembly at 9:00am

May 29th Memorial Day, No School

June 1st Find Food Bank on Campus

June 9th Last day of school, Released at 1:05pm