Mrs. Chu's 5th grade Newsflash!

Classroom News

The end of the year is rapidly approaching!  We are almost through with our SBAC field test and the students are all doing great.  They're taking their time and trying their best.  That's all we can ask of them!  Here's what's coming up this month:

1)  Citizenship Points-  Each week, I am updating the amount of points that your child has in order to go to the end of the year activities.  Please make sure you look at this behavior notice carefully and speak to your child about his/her behavior choices.  Once points are taken away, they cannot be earned back. 

2)  Science CSTs:  April 14-April 15-  Although the math and language arts CSTs have been canceled, this year, fifth graders will still be taking the science test.  Please make sure that students are here that entire week!

3)  Physical Fitness Test: April 16: The entire morning of this day will be dedicated to physical fitness testing.  It is essential that your child is here so that we can test him/her.  We will be testing on push ups, sit ups, the mile run, a trunk lift, and an arm flexibility test.  Please work on your child's form for both push ups and sit ups.  Those two are the ones that kids have the hardest time with. 

4)  State Report:  State reports are being done in class but students will be getting a letter tomorrow regarding a diorama that they will make at home as part 2 of their state report.  Just like they did a diorama last year for California's famous sites, they will be doing one this year on a famous landmark from their state.  You will have all month to work on this but please don't procrastinate!  This project is worth five homework assignments.  Failure to do this project will result in a loss of ten citizenship points.  If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to email me.  A copy of the letter is available on my "Useful Documents" page.  Extra pages of the state report are on the "Useful Documents" page as well.  Feel free to print out extra pages if your child messed up on any of them.  I charge them Chu Cash at school to get a new one, but they can print one at home for free. 

5) Panorama Picture:  Our fifth grade group photo will be take on Thursday, April 10th.  Please make sure your child is here so that he/she gets included in this photo!  There are no make up photos for this.

6) Donations:  We are still in need of donations for our fifth grade auction.  If you are able to donate any items from the dollar store, small gift cards, toys, etc. I will GREATLY appreciate it!  If you work for a company or own a business that would like to contribute anything, that would be fantastic as well. I can give you a letter from the school if you need it.  Thank you so much in advance!!

Thank you for reading my newsflash.  It is important for parents to be up to date on the classroom news.  

**Extra Credit opportunity
-  As a thank you for reading this newsflash, I will give 15 extra credit points in the subject area of your choice!  All you need to do is email me and tell me that you read my newsflash and which subject you would like the extra credit to go to.  I will be erasing this message tomorrow evening so make sure you reply right away!**