NAME: Mrs. Hughes

SCHOOL: Eastlake High School

CLASS: Department of English

SCHOOL PHONE: 619 397 3800

About The Teacher

The picture you see above was taken on "Cupcake Day 2015".  Cupcake Day is a 
tradition in my class... After all the hard work that we ALL do during the 
year, we celebrate before our AP Test in May with a special breakfast of 
cupcakes and goodies that I bake for my 175 students.  It is awesome to get 
together and rally before students face their exam.  

This will be my sixteenth year teaching at Eastlake High School! I truly 
enjoy working with such amazing students and teachers. Eastlake is a great 
place to be!

I have a Bachelor's Degree in English and a Master's Degree in Educational 
Leadership.  I have taught at the elementary and high school levels, as well 
as a short stint as a substitute at the middle school level.  

I enjoy teaching reading and writing very much and hope to help all students 
reach their potential.  

I am married and have three children.  I live in the Eastlake area and I 
love bumping in to students and families all over the neighborhood.

Mission For The Class

The course will challenge all students, no matter what level they begin at, 
to grow and improve in critical reading, writing and thinking.  Students 
will be better prepared to enter the university and succeed with the 
academic demands they will face in college level coursework.