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GATE Identification

GATE Program Guidelines and Criteria

for the Elementary and Secondary Districts

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Protocol for the Intellectual Abilities (GATE) Test

One of the criteria used to identify GATE students is an intellectual abilities test. This type of test is not a measure of what has been learned in school. Rather, it is intended to help ascertain the child’s natural level of reasoning and problem-solving abilities.

To be valid, the test must be taken “cold,” meaning there should be no previous exposure to the questions – either by practicing for the test or taking actual tests. Previous exposure to the test or its type of problems would invalidate the results. Thus, intellectual abilities test are protected tests to be viewed only by students under the formal district testing environment.

Any student who participates in an intellectual abilities test prepping course or practices for the intellectual abilities test, including taking actual tests, invalidates his/her test score as a measurement tool for GATE identification in the Santa Barbara Unified School District. All parents or guardians of students taking a GATE test must sign a Permission to Test/Statement of Compliance form indicating understanding of and compliance with this protocol prior to testing.

Other Pertinent Information

·         Any student who is enrolled in a school in the Santa Barbara Elementary School District may be referred for testing by the teacher, parent/guardian or the SBUSD.

·         Any non-Santa Barbara Elementary School District student who lives within the boundaries of the ELEMENTARY District may be tested, provided he/she does not attend a school that administers GATE testing. The parent/guardian may request a GATE Referral form for testing. This form should be completed and returned to the GATE Identification Coordinator who will schedule and conduct testing at a school where space is available. If the student is identified as GATE, he/she may attend the GATE program the following year after enrolling in the Santa Barbara Unified School District; or the parent/guardian may request that the child participate in the lottery for the District’s GATE Magnet Program, located at Washington School for the following year.

·         Elementary GATE testing is conducted January-April. Deadline for enrollment is the end of November. Testing may be requested by parents, teachers or the SBUSD, and registration forms are sent to all school offices at the beginning of November.

·         Secondary GATE testing is conducted January-May and in August.

·         Students may test for GATE in 2nd grade and again in 3rd grade, but not in successive years from grades 3-5. A student may test in 6th grade for the Secondary GATE Program whether or not he/she tested previously.

·         Students from outside the SBUSD or any of its feeder districts who enter the SBUSD and wish to transfer their GATE identification must demonstrate eligibility from the transferring district. Eligible students must meet the GATE identification criteria established by the SBUSD, using a district-approved intellectual abilities test.

·         The SBUSD does not accept GATE testing results from private evaluators.

·         For more information about the SBUSD GATE Program,
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