Book Chats

Book Discussion Ideas

Time spent talking about books :


          **develops language skills

          **provides opportunity for expressing opinions

          **exposes children to different perspectives

          **develops comprehension skills

          **builds appreciation for literature


Ten“Tell Me” Questions to Get Children Talking About Books

1.      Tell me what you liked best about this book.


2.      Tell me about your favorite illustration in this book.


3.      Tell me about a favorite sentence or a funny part of the story.


4.      Tell me about the characters in this story.


5.      Tell me something you have in common with/ and or makes

you different from one of the characters.


6.      Tell me what you would do if… (relate to problem in story)


7.      Tell me how you would feel if… (relate to feeling in story)


8.      Tell me about the problem and solution of this story.


9.      Tell me about something similar that has happened to you.


10.  Tell me something you might change in the story if you        

        were the author.

For a fun Reading Response activity follow this link:

Character Scrapbook