Accelerated Reader

Our class is already "Revved up to Read". With Accelerated Reader your child can read AR books to help build their reading comprehension skills. Many of my classroom books are AR books and the school library also has a great selection. After a student finishes reading a book they can take a test on any school computer. The test is a set of comprehension questions based on the book. If a student passes the quiz they will earn points. Based on the difficulty of the book more points can be earned. Each student will have their own individually set percentage goals to reach, as set by their classroom teacher. Special trimester parties are scheduled by PTA for students who reach their AR goals.

Reader's Oath

I promise to read each day and each night,

I know it's the key to growing up right.

I'll read to myself, I'll read to a crowd.

It makes no difference if silent or aloud.

I'll read at my desk, at home,

On my bean bag or bed, by the fire or pool.

Each book that I read puts smarts in my head,

Cause brains grow more thoughts the more they are fed.

So take this oath to make reading my way

Of feeding my brain what it needs every day.

Author: Debra Angstead