ABC's of 3rd Grade

The ABC's of Third Grade

Absences: If your child is sick or has an appointment, please call the school office to verify your child's reason for absence.

(909) 463-9105

A.R. Accelerated Reader is a computerized reading program. Children read AR books and then take a test on the computer to check their comprehension. Points are earned based on the difficulty of the book and how many questions are answered correctly. Each child much read and test within their reading range, and classroom teachers set each student's individual AR goals. Books are available in the library and classroom.

Quiz List Link:

Golden's AR Quiz List

Book Orders: I send home Scholastic Book Orders about once each month. This is a wonderful way to build your child's home library and help our class at the same time. Our class earns Bonus points with each order that I will use to buy more books and classroom materials.

Box Tops: An easy way to help our school is by collecting Box Tops for Education,which are found on many of the foods we all buy. You can send any Box Tops to school with your child.

Computers: We visit the computer lab each week to learn and practice new skills. Students also use the computers in the classroom during center time to play educational games and reinforce skills.

Do Your Best: Students need to do their best at all times. This includes being prepared, organized, and engaged in their classroom learning.

Email: One way to contact me is through email. My email is:

Fieldtrips: Several fieldtrips will be planned throughout the year. Chaperones will be invited to join us. Depending on the fieldtrip the number of chaperones may be limited. In order to attend fieldtrips, a permission slip needs to be filled out and returned to school.

Frustration levels: Each child has a different level of frustration. Please stop your child from their working task before they get frustrated. No tears please!

Golden Tickets: Students can be caught showing good behavior by teachers or proctors. Golden tickets are rewarded and used for monthly raffle prizes.

Homework: Homework will be sent home daily and recorded by your child on their homework log. All assignments, unless otherwise noted are due the next day.

Follow the link below for guidelines for helping your child with homework:

Love and Logic Parenting: Homework Tips

Internet: Access to educational websites can be a valuable way to reinforce learning. However, without your permission this is not possible. Please be sure to read, sign and return the "Technology Acceptable Use" form so your child can benefit from this wonderful learning tool.

Ink Cartridges: Don't throw away your computer ink cartridges. The school earns money by recycling them.

Job Well Done: It is vital that students understand the importance of their school tasks. Encourage them to take pride in their work by reviewing their papers that come home. Be sure to praise them for a "Job Well Done". I've created a handy list below to show you applaud their efforts.

Words of Praise

Join PTA: Get involved in Golden school by supporting PTA.

Keep Connected: Turn off the TV for at least 20 minutes each night and talk with your child. Enjoy their conversation or share a book with them.

Lunch: Students can buy hot lunch or bring their own from home. I've created some cute "Lunch Box Notes" to surprise your child with. Tuck one in their lunch once in a while and make them smile!

Lunch Box Notes

Lunch Box Notes with Sports theme

Lunch Box Notes with Racing theme

Minimum Day: Every Monday is a minimum day. Dismissal is at 1:15.

Money: Please use a baggie or envelope to send money with your child to school for lunch or book orders. This helps prevent lost money.

Newsletters: I will post a weekly newsletter on my website under the "Newsflash" category to keep you up-to-date on class assignments, nightly homework and school events. It is vital that you take the time to access the newsletter online every week so you are kept well informed.

On Time: School starts at 8:15. Please help your child arrive to school in plenty of time each day so they don't feel rushed or anxious.

Parking Lot: For the safety of all children, please follow all parking lot rules when dropping off or picking them up.

P.E. I enjoy creating fun-filled P.E. lessons. During my lessons your child will be practicing various P.E. skills every week, which include gross motor skills, cooperation, teamwork and sportsmanship.

Penmanship: Proper penmanship habits need to be used especially during these formative years. In 3rd grade printing skills include learning proper cursive letter writing, holding a pencil properly and appropriate spacing.

Questions or concerns?: Please send a note, call me, or email me.

School: (909) 463-9105


Recess: All children will have a morning recess. Please remember to pack a healthy snack choice for your child to enjoy.

Report Cards: Report cards are issued three times during the year in November, February and May.

Special Projects: Throughout the year, some special projects will be assigned that will relate to a variety of curriculum areas. Most projects will often include an oral presentation to reinforce the importance of speaking in front of a group. Directions for the assignments will be sent home well in advance of the due dates.

Snack: Your child may bring a healthy midmorning snack to eat at recess. Please remember to send healthy choices like fruit, string cheese, or vegetables instead of cookies, candy or sugary items.

Student Store: Student store will be held throughout the year and run by PTA. Various items are sold including pencils, folders and school spirit clothing.

Tardies: If your child is late to school, please sign them in at the office before sending them to class.

Toys: Students should not bring any type of toys to school as they can be a disruption to classroom learning.

Transportation: If there is a change in the way your child will go home, please send in a note to let me know.

Unique: Each child is unique and has their own special gifts and talents. I recognize that in my classroom, and I encourage you to avoid comparing your child to others. Click on the link below for an inspiring video from "Raising Small Souls: Timeless Parenting Advice" called The Animal School.

The Animal School Video

Volunteers: There are many opportunities for volunteering, some at school and some at home. An interest sheet will be sent home describing various ways to help.

Walking Program: Students can start their day by "Walking Across America". Join the fun on the field and earn mile marker prizes at the end of each month.

Website: I have created a class website that is full of class information, resources for kids and parents and more detailed descriptions of what we're doing in class. I hope you will find it useful and visit it often.

X Marks the Spot: Please have a regular, consistent place for your child to complete their homework. Work should be completed in an area free of distractions.

You: As parents, you are a vital partner in your child's education. I look forward to working with you this year.

Top Ten Things Teachers Wish Parents Would Do

Zzzz: Please make sure your child gets enough sleep. Well-rested, alert children are more successful in school.