Homework Policy

Dear Parents,

I have prepared this outline to describe the policies and expectations I
have regarding homework.  The purpose of homework is to reinforce or extend
concepts learned in class.  Homework will be handed out Monday-Thursday and
assignments are due the next day. 

Packets will be returned with the following possible grading:

      =  Outstanding assignment showing exceptional effort and neatness
=  Assignment completed satisfactorily
=  Incomplete and/or late assignment

Assignments will be reviewed but not necessarily corrected, as I am assuming you will have seen and reviewed assignments for correctness each night as your child completed them.


1. To aid in the development of responsibility, study habits, independence,
time management and accountability.
2. To foster a healthy attitude toward school and learning.
3. To provide practice of classroom learning.
4. To enhance home-school communication.


Parents should supervise homework and give help if necessary, but the
assignment should be completed by the child.  Your supervision will improve
the quality of your child’s work.  Please provide a time and place for your
child to do his/her homework and try to keep this schedule as consistent as
possible.  Before your child turns in their work, please review
your child’s work for accuracy.


Students are responsible for taking home assignment daily and returning
them the next day.  Assignments are to be completed by the student.  Make sure
assignments are done in pencil and completed neatly.

Your support in following these homework procedures will help with your
child’s success.  Thank you for your assistance.


Ms. Talbott

Please Note:

**Assignments are listed in more detail on your child's homework chart and may vary from this posted list. I post homework daily and not weekly, as I assign homework according to what was taught in class that day. In addition, 20 minutes of reading is part of daily homework.