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Please review the Course Content Letter for U.S. History (Course-Content.pdf
- The list of required and suggested materials is on page 5

The Tutorials File (Tutorials.pdf) contains information for students on:
     - Thinking Like a Historian and Using Primary and Secondary Sources
     - Pre-reading Text
     - Cornell Notes
     - Answering Review Questions
     - Writing Essays

Grades are available to view online. Go to the "Grades" link on this page. Select the class from the drop-down menu. You are required to enter in student's last name (as it appears on school records) and student's birthdate in year-month-day format (Example: student born on September 13, 2013 has the password 130913). Grades will be updated weekly for the remainder of the school year.

Students who would like to come in for tutoring at lunch must print and complete a form before coming into the class (see below for links). This is to ensure that a specific question/issue is being addressed during the time spent in the room. Those students who wish to use the time to complete assignments are welcome to sit and work quietly. However, anyone not working will be asked to leave immediately.
- Document on how to complete the form: Tutoring-Worksheet-Steps.pdf
- Tutor Form: HTW.pdf