Our Class Stars

The Vision for Mrs. Sidell's class

In support of Hope View Elementary's overarching vision to "Hope for the
Future, Make a Difference Today", our class will endeavor to foster a positive
attitude toward student success and individuality.  Instructors will maintain
a high level of professionalism by incorporating best practices in education
and integrating differentiated instructional strategies that will enhance
student learning and achievement.  Instructors will value the students as
unique individuals, beyond their academic abilities, and support their
individual needs and personal growth.  Students will engage in independent and
collaborative learning opportunities that will support their academic
progress, develop critical thinking skills, and practice character traits that
will help them to become valuable contributors within the classroom, the
school, and the community at large.  The collaboration of school, home, and
community help our children to achieve academically and personally strive for
success.  By utilizing technology wherever and whenever  possible to engage in
21st Century thinking skills and activities, students will be prepared to
actively engage in their future learning and careers.  We earnestly believe
that every child is able to impact their future by transforming their personal
hopes into their reality.

We are all part of one unit