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“Naham vasami vaikunthe, yoginam hridaye na cha, mud bhakta yatra gayanti, tatra tishthami Narad”  Meaning: “O Narada, I do not live in my heavenly abode, nor can I be found in the hearts of the great yogis, but I am always present where ever my devotees are singing.”

Enrollment in Hindustani vocal music sessions for all levels & ages is ongoing in Sacramento, California plus Elk Grove, Folsom, Yuba City & Rancho Cardova, CA. To enroll please send an email to academyraga at gmail dot com For more info & videos please visit & LIKE Raga Academy’s Facebook page.

Artistic Director & Guru, Mrs. Heera Kulkarni seen below at a concert in Sacramento, CA


Mission of Artistic Director & Guru, Mrs. Heera Kulkarni: After paying taxes use the proceeds from Raga Academy for charitable causes and to promote the classical arts and culture of India. Inspire, Nurture and Develop the Classical Arts of India (I.N.D.I.A.), Preserve Indian Classical Arts and Culture, Pass our heritage to the NEW generation & preserve our heritage in the NOW generation, Provide a structured curriculum for all levels, Provide exams in classical music through Gandharva Mahavidyalay for mastering the curriculum, Present Indian culture in the Greater Sacramento area, & Encourage students through student recitals & performances.

Music of India: For ages five years to adults. Raga Academy of Indian Music invites you to enroll & embark on your incredible journey into the melodious world of "Sangeet" or "Music of India"! Enrollment is ongoing. North Indian style of Classical, Semi-classical & Light Indian Music classes for beginners, intermediate & advance levels are available in Elk Grove, CA, Folsom, CA, Rancho Cardova/Anatolia, CA & ONLINE music classes! Annual Student Recitals! Indian Music Demonstrations!! For more info please send an email to academyraga at gmail dot com .

Music classes are taught by the Founder & Artistic Director of Raga Academy, Guru Mrs. Heera Kulkarni who hails from the Gwalior Gharana or school of music. She trained at Gandharv Mahavidyalay, Delhi, India with Sangeet Visharad degree. An experienced music teacher who has taught for many years, Heera also holds a Masters degree in Education from California State University, Sacramento, CA. She has taught in the public school system for twenty years.  Call (916) 686-5785 for details or email academyraga at gmail dot com.

Guru Heera Kulkarni is also an approved artist of the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission.

Hindustani classical vocal music, light music (such as bhajans, ghazals, popular songs), harmonium and keyboard classes are offered for children, youth and adults. Classes for children five years and up, teenagers and adults are held once a week for 60 minutes and there are four classes per month. Students are taught in a small class size format where individual attention is given to each student. Private lessons are also available for advanced students. Online classes are offered for students in remote areas.

Students are also trained for Exams in Hindustani vocal music available through affiliation from Gandharv Mahavidyalay, India. Syllabus from Gandharv Mahavidyalay is followed and students can take exams once they finish the yearly study.

Student recitals are held every year with live music. All students are encouraged to participate and showcase their talent. 

Click here to go to Raga Academy's Facebook Page

Mentoring for students in Grades K-12:
This is a free service. Mrs. Kulkarni has extensive training and twenty years' experience as a classroom teacher.

YOGA + YOU : Also offered are traditional Indian style Pranayam & Ashtang Yoga & Consultation in Yoga and one on one Yoga Therapy is available.

Active & Mindful Yoga Class: Sierra 2 Center for the Arts & Community, 2791  24th Street, Sacramento, CA 95818. Call (916) 686-5785 to enroll.

Yoga + You Start Date: January 2016 at  Sierra Center 2 for arts & Community,  Sacramento, CA.

Yoga class with Yogini Heera will meet on Fridays from 11:30 am -12:30 pm.  Class will include Asanas or yoga postures, Pranayam or controlled breathing exercises, short meditation & relaxation session. This 60 minute session includes the traditional yoga as practiced in India, the birthplace of YOGA. You will get trained to be more flexible, more mindful, more relaxed, improve your sleep & have tremendous energy. 

For more info email academyraga@gmail.com

Free Vedanta Study Class: Conducted in English by Bharati Sundar Rajan of Chinmaya Mission. Fridays from 7:30-9:00 pm at Heera Kulkarni's residence.

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