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Workshops Offered

Workshops Offered
Contact: academyraga@gmail.com

My sole mission is to propagate Indian classical music/dance, culture of India & literary arts of India in U.S.A. I wish to educate the now generation & the next generation in the music & culture of India. This is also an excellent way to bridge the cultural gaps existing in our communities.

1. Demonstration of "Music of India"- Suitable for all ages from children to adults. Participants will learn the basics of North Indian music. Besides that topics such as "How to cultivate voice" and "How to work with various rhythms" will be shared. Tips will be given on how to do "Riyaz" or practice music at home. Participants will also learn a Hindi song to perform as a whole group. Introduction to the instruments of India such as Tanpura, Sitar, Harmonium, Tabla drums, Manjira, etc. Question and answer session at the end.

  IMG_2054.JPG     Tanpura-School-Presentation-.jpg    IMG_2053.JPG
2. "Reading Time - Rhythm Time"Read to Rhythms of India
  Suitable for ages ranging from Pre-school children to Adults. As a recently retired elementary school teacher I will be selecting appropriate short stories and books to read to the children from preschool age to teenagers. I am also an approved artist of Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission. In between telling stories or reading stories, I will be playing different styles of Music of India with various types of beats. Rhythm meters of 3, 4, 7, 8 & 16 will be demonstrated. The audience will be invited to learn the steps and dance to the rhythms of India.

3. Bollywood to Folk Dance Residency was offered in conjunction with Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission at Pannell Community Center in 2011 and Girls & Boys Club of Sacramento in 2010.

4. "Ancient Tales - Timeless Wisdom"- Panchatantra Storytelling with Indian Music -
Enjoy the ancient stories of Panchatantra from India written in 200 BC with Heera Kulkarni, a storyteller, musician & retired educator from EGUSD. The presentation will be enhanced by the use of Indian music. Appropriate for all ages.

5. Culture of India - Many aspects of Indian culture will be shared ranging from how do you tie a Saree or why do you wear a Bindi, to brief history of India, Yoga, classical & folk arts, food, customs, games & festivals of India will be discussed. Appropriate for all ages.

6. Vegetarian Cooking - Presented by "Chef in a Sari". Healthy vegan dishes will be demonstrated along with the recipes. Healing properties of Indian spices & herbs will be taught.

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