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As you are no doubt aware, learning to read is the primary focus of first grade. Many of the terms that teachers commonly use in first grade to discuss reading can be confusing as they are often sprinkled with "alphabet soup." I have provided a glossary of literacy terms used in first grade to better acquaint you with definitions of common assessments and skills:

Open Court is the reading program used in the Elk Grove Unified School District.  The Sound Spelling Cards are an integral part of this program and are used as daily resources:
Decodable books are another component of the Open Court Reading Program. We will be targeting the specific sound spellings patterns that these books reinforce. Practice with these decodable books is essential to improving reading skills. Books will be sent home on nearly a daily basis. The entire collection of 118 books is provided here for you:
Open Court vocabulary is linked closely with comprehension strategies. It will become important for your student to understand homophones (words which have the same sounds but different spellings and meanings, ie. hare/hair; blew/blue); synonyms (words which have similar meanings, ie. tiny/little/small); and antonyms (words which have opposite meanings, ie. hot/cold; in/out).
The automatic recognition and reading of sight words will become critical to improving your student's reading fluency and comprehension of text. I will be introducing six new words every week. This list was developed by Dr. Rebecca Sitton several years ago. The order in which these words are introduced is provided to you here:
The complete list of Rebecca Sitton's 100 first grade sight words is provided here for you. It is my goal that your student will reach 100/100 by the completion of first grade:

To assess your student's rcognition of sight words, I will be using the following list compiled by the Elk Grove Unified School District. It is modified from Rebecca Sitton's list:

I have also included Rebecca Sitton's second grade sight words for advanced students:

The English language is full of sight words that have irregular spellings. It is important for your student to read, spell, and write these words with automaticity. This document lists the 120 irregular sight words:
The Commom Core State Standards (CCSS) for math, along with Mathematical Practices are listed on this document:

The Go Math! Program provides useful strategies for both addtion and subtraction. I have provided these strategies here:

Flash cards for numbers 1-100 may useful tools for your student:


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