Mr. McCauley / Stephen M. White Middle School / Science Dept.

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About The Teacher

NAME: Mr. McCauley

SCHOOL: Stephen White Middle School

CLASS: 7th grade Science

SCHOOL PHONE: 310-783-4900

About The Teacher

Mr. McCauley has been teaching in LAUSD since 1993.  He has worked at
Washington Prep HS and Drew MS prior to coming to White MS.

Mr. McCauley is a graduate of New Jersey City University in Jersey City, 
New Jersey.  He earned his Master of Education Degree (M.Ed.)in 2002 from 
National University and holds a California CLEAR Single Subject Teaching 
Credential with CLAD certification. In addition, he is a member of the 
National Science Teachers Association (NSTA).

Mr. McCauley likes to ski, play softball, and ride bikes at the beach.  He 
is married and has two children and two dogs. Mr. McCauley is a highly 
qualified educator and he is a fair and righteous man!

Mission For The Class

Stephen White Middle School: "Excellence is a habit!'
Follow through, understand and be able to explain all the essential 
questions of science!

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