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Accelerated Reader

AR Book Leveling

Several years ago Renaissance Learning, the creators of the Accelerated 
Reader Program, changed the "readability formula" they used to provide grade 
leveling of book.  The new ATOS formula calculates readability from computer 
scans of the full text of each book, rather than from sample passages.  The 
ATOS level for some books changed, in some cases to higher grade levels, and 
in some cases to lower ones.

At Wildwood, we had already been using Accelerated Reader for over 5 years, 
and had more than 4000 books in our library marked with their original 
reading grade levels.  We made a decision not to attempt the relabeling of 
all of our AR books in the library.  All books purchased in the last 4 years 
have the new levels correctly labeled.  The reading levels you will find for 
all of our AR titles when you use the AR QuizList Online feature are the 
correct levels.

AR QuizList Online

Wildwood School Site Council Library/Technology Grant money has 
provided us with annual use of QuizList Interactive, an 
online search tool for you to use to access our Accelerated 
Reader list from your home or public library computer.  Thanks, 
Site Council!

Click the link below to search online for AR books.  You can 
search by Author, Title, Subject, and Reading Level.  You can 
make up a list of AR books together with your child and maintain 
it on your computer at home, or print it out to take to the 
library or bookstore with you.  Happy reading!

Please note: When you type in a book title, do not 
type the words "A," "An," or "The" at the beginning.  For 
example, if you want to find out if we have an AR test for The 
Dragonslayers, just type in "Dragonslayers."

Once the book titles you want are displayed, you can click on a 
book title to find out what the book is about, and to see the 
book's Call Number (location) in our library.  If you click on an 
author name, a list of all other AR books by that author in our 
collection will be displayed.

*Here's our AR link -
Wildwood Elementary AR List

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