Last updated: June 9, 2015

Few updates:

Test on Time will be on Thursday, June 11.

Wonders of the Earth- Dress Reherasal is on Friday, June 12 at 10:40. Please dress or bring clothes.
Performance for family is on Monday, June 15th at 5:30 in the MPR. 

Acceleraterd reader.....Kids may fill out the log and start taking 
tests at school.  Make sure they are reading books at or below their level.  
They can take a test on books that are above their level if they read it with 
someone or was read to.  I have uploaded the color code sheet to the Parent 
Documents page on this site. 

City PE on Mondays. We will have P.E. on Tuesday and Thurday mornings. Please 
dress your child appropriately on those days:)

Library Birthday Book Club!  Check out the directions for how to donate a 
book on your child's birthday.  It is easy, safe, will impact all the kids at 
Woodbury.   You can access the directions on the links page on 
this website. 

Accelerated Reader- Please make sure they are reading books at their level or 
below.  Also be sure they are writing the book title on their log and 
spelling the titles correctly.  I have put a link  on this site 
to see if books from your home library have AR tests.  Check it out on the 
Links page. We will regularly pull kids to check out their total points and 
reward them. 

Please put names on all loose items. Including back packs and lunch bags.

I ask that you separate snack from lunches.  Also putting your child's snack 
in a throw away bag helps with getting them out the door and gives them 
plenty of time to play.  Lunches I encourage you to put in a reusable bag. 
Put their name on everything!!!
Please visit this site often as I will update it weekly if not more.  All 
homework resources, including the 
take-home math book can be accessed on this site.  

The blue Take Home folder should remain in their backpack everyday.  Please 
take the time to look through it nightly.  You may use it to send an items to 

Remind your child to sit/stand on line #9 before school.  We ask all kids to 
not run/play in the 
morning, even if others are!  We want our kids to be following the rules.  

Upcoming Events:

Wonders of the Earth- June 15th at 5:30.
2nd Grade breakfast- June 18th at 8am
Last day of school-June 18th-Early Dismissal

Class News and Homework:

Math Homework Pages this week: None

This week we will be studying about:

Math:  Time
Story- The School Mural
Spelling: Word Study- All done:)
Vocabulary Skill- 
Grammar Skill- 
Social Studies: Consumers and Producers
Science: Great Body Shop

Homework Tips: 

Remember, Nightly spelling sort activities and the math pages need to be 
each week. In addition, study the Sight Words, Math Goal, and read nightly. 
Attach math pages to Cover Sheet. No need to attach spelling pages. Sorting 
words may be left at home.  I suggest finding a good place to store them for 
review.  Just 
check off that you practiced on the cover sheet. Return all homework on 
Friday in the Take-Home folder. 
Optional activities are available in the Homework section of this website. 

Helpful tips:

Early Dismissal on Wednesdays is at 1:17. All other days, kids get out at 

Note to Parents:  DROP OFF table is in the front office! Any forgotten items 
can be dropped off by parents on the table in the office. The child must will 
come and pick it up.