Welcome to Sixth Grade!!!!
Week of 4/7 - 4/11
We had a fabulous field trip to AT&T park.  The children were fabulous and our tour guide Dennis commented that they were the best group he has ever had.  They were polite, patient, and quiet  exactly when he needed them to be.  He was very impressed.  Of course they were terrific.  I knew they would be, my big worry was that I might lose one of them in the park since it is so big and filled with lots of hallways.  But, as always they rose to the occasion and were delightful.  We even experienced a little thunder and lightening.

We did experience a little hiccup  in our class, in that some group texting took place on Thursday evening.   Let's just say that they were surprised at the level of concern displayed by Mrs. Aymar on Friday morning.  But, as is always the case with this wonderful class they were all completely honest, admitted their involvement, and clearly understood my worry and concern.  I had just done a lesson about this very thing not 6 weeks ago.  This time it hit home and I hope they have learned a very valuable lesson.  Sometimes the only way we really learn is to experience the situation.

We will be moving into Transitive and Intransitive Verbs this week and moving onto Adverbs next week.  We will begin our new novel this week as well.

Week of 3/24-3/28
We began the dismantle of our appliances on Tuesday.  I must say the children were fabulous, the amount of support they gave one another was astounding.  Each child had to dismantle their own appliance, but some were much harder than others, and it often took the help of another classmate or teacher to begin to the process.  Everyone was eager to help and share with one another.  I did not have enough tools for all, it didn't matter they just happily shared.  I think it was quite a surprise to them to see what was inside many of their appliances.  They had a specific Rubric to complete throughout the process and so far most students have been doing an admirable job. We will probably work on this for another 2 days next week and then decide what needs to be saved for our next building project.  They will write a paper describing the process they went through and the end result. Jett has  been taking pictures with the class camera so each student will have part of their process recorded on film.

I am sorry for the homework confusion on my web page.  I didn't realize how much time we would need for the dismantle and so I alternated Religion and English to every other day.  This is the reason the homework page was incorrect.  We should be back to normal this week.  We will be working on Regular and Irregular Verbs and next week I had planned to start Transitive and Intransitive Verbs, however, they really need to have a refresher on Direct Object before we begin.  Unfortunately, the book does not cover that, so I have made up some study guides, worksheets, and samples for them.  We should finish them by the first part of April and move right into Transitive and Intransitive Verbs.

We will be having a Religion Test on Chapters 13 and 14 most likely on Tuesday of next week 4/1.  It is a difficult test and they will really need to put in the time to study.  They will have all the information they need in their Cornell Notes. Please encourage them to spend time studying.  As we move closer to 7th grade I am beginning to hold them more accountable for their own success.  By this I mean I am not going to continue to chase them around for their missing or lost assignments.  If it looks like they have not put any time or effort into studying for their tests then I will not be so generous with my retakes.  I not being harsh, I'm just trying to get them ready for the realities of Junior High and their own part in their success.

March 31st is our field trip to ATT park.  All students need to be in the classroom by 7:30 in their school uniform.  It is imperative that they have their school sweatshirt.  They may not wear any other kind of sweatshirt.  They will need a bag lunch for our lunch at the park.  Please do not send them with any soda.  It will be a long day and they will need to have a substantial lunch. I will not have any of my hidden snacks to tide them over.  They may  bring their cell phone with them.  We plan to be back at St. Rose by no later than 3p.m.  I will send home a more defined update this week.  They are beyond excited!!!!!!!!!
Enjoy the week ahead.

Week of 3/17-3/21
I have been a little lax at writing my weekly announcements.  I do apologize.  I will do my best to keep up, its just that  some weeks  fly by.
We finished our lesson on the 5 important parts of writing a good paragraph.  This week we will begin taking our broken appliances apart to see how they are made and what parts can be used  for our next group of inventions. This gives all the students an opportunity to figure out a problem and come to a conclusion without destroying or smashing the item.  They have a rubric that they must fill out before they can even begin to take it apart.  Once they have all dismantled their appliances  they will write a paper about the experience.  I am trying to find ways to spark their enthusiasm for writing.  The prospect of using tools and dismantling their appliances has really increased the enthusiasm in 6th grade.  The boys are on a mission to lower all the desks in the class and to locate smaller chairs to fit with the desk.  It is amazing to watch the entire class take on responsibility concerning our writing activity.  I have more helpers than I can handle but they are all very cooperative, caring, and considerate of one another.  I hope this lesson will also be a team building opportunity for them.  Mrs. B taught them art today and she was very impressed not only with their level of behavior but with their concern and consideration for each other.

We finished The Phantom Tollbooth and after many lively class discussions I think it might be safe to say that many of the students enjoyed the book.  I also read it aloud to them so that they would not miss any of the idioms, play on words, etc...  We found ourselves many times just through our daily lessons traveling to many of the places in the book.We all often travel to the Island of Conclusions and have to figure a way to get off.  It has been fun to reference the book in the daily experiences we are having.  Our next book in a few weeks will be Twenty One Balloons.

We have been studying about Lent over the last few weeks and we are fasting not from treats, but from behaviors that may be insensitive and unpleasant.   We are feasting on kindness even to those who annoy us.  The class has still been very supportive of the Shower Room and the whole school contributed $270 from the last Dollar Free Dress Day.  I am grateful for the the supplies you continue to send to school.

I am also very pleased to say that every one received and E in Effort and Conduct.  We hope to keep this up for the next report card.  I must say it gets a little harder for them as we get closer to vacation.

Next week we will continue to work on the appliances, the paper, Chapter 13 and 14 with Cornell Notes and a test at the end of next week.  We will finish verbs (regular and irregular) with a test at the end of next week as well.  I had planned to complete it this week but my timing was a bit off.

Mrs. Paulson tells me that they are fabulous in weekly music class and that I will be surprised at some of the solos in the class.  They are singing songs from the Phantom and Cats, so what could be better than that.  I will let you know when the concert will be so you may enjoy it.

The leprechaun escaped our trap and stole the gold but  left cookies as a condolence.  His footprints were on all the desks and the doors.  It was delightful to see their reactions to this activity.  I do apologize if many of your children came home with glitter everywhere.  It was totally my fault.  I let them use it to make our trap and to help some of the kindergarteners make their traps for their class room. (besides they just love glitter and so do I)

I wish you a good rest of the week.

Week of 2/24-2/28
   There will be a Spelling test this week.  It will be made up of words that are often misspelled by most of the class.  The list will go home with the students on Monday afternoon.
   We are continuing to work on paragraph writing. Now that they have learned the five important points of a good paragraph, and can set up a prewrite we will begin writing one together in class.  My hope is that by doing it all together they will see that it is not really that difficult. 
   There was not a great deal of homework from me last week because we were working on the paragraph in class, and we have been reading and discussing The Phantom Tollbooth in class.
   We have another case of Strep in 6th grade.  Whew, it seems to like 6th grade
   As always enjoy your week.  Just a reminder this month's dollar free dress (this Thursday) will benefit the Shower Room that the 6th grade has so generously been supporting.  The name of the organization in Healdsburg that oversees the shower room and the support of the homeless is NCCS. ( North County Community Services)  I hope all the school students will be as generous as possible.  Your children really care about this project and I am very proud of them.

Week of 2/18-2/21
     Thank you to the room mothers who made our Valentine's Day special.  The kids really enjoyed the delicious treats and they worked perfectly with the movie we watched that afternoon.

     Last week we began a new writing project.  I have avoided it like the 10 Plagues (they can tell you what they are if you are interested).  I have seen some weakness in their writing skills and I feel that I would not be doing a good job if I did not delve into this very frightening subject for all 41 of us.  The lesson began with the 5 important points of a good paragraph and how to set up your paper.  We will move onto describing and writing these 5 points.  We will be working on this together in class so don't expect to see it at home.  I have purchased Control Paper in the form of binder paper so that they may write their paragraphs on this paper.  Their writing tends to meander all over the paper and hopefully this will get them back on track.  I am also working on their neatness and having them take great pride in their work.  We are all excited about trying this out.

     I have also noticed in their writing that they have several spelling mistakes and many of them are basic words.  So for the next few weeks I will be making up my own spelling tests to help correct this situation.  They will not be studying from the Spelling Book for a few weeks.

     As always this class is just an absolute delight.  They work hard and take care of one another.  Have a wonderful week ahead.

Week of 1/27 -1/31
It was nice to see some of you at Mass today.  This will be a very busy week with all the different activities we are preparing for Catholic Schools Week.  I hope to see many of you on Tuesday evening for the Family Appreciation Night and at Thursday's Open House.  We will have some exciting things for you to see in 6th grade.  I don't want to tell you what they are because I don't want to spoil the surprise.  I can assure you that there will be fun displays and games involving Social Studies, Math, Art, and Literature.  I hope you will be able to make it for at least one of the evenings it would just be nice to see you all.

We are working on a writing project in the class that revolves around the construction materials of their house. We are hoping to finish it by Thursday.  We had several unexpected schedule changes last week that took up instructional time.  The drawings  that the class are creating under the fabulous instruction of Jett Dumont are just amazing. The class is also learning how to draw animals and designs ( beautiful, unique, and challenging) with Natalie Shieh and Carina Marotto. 

We received a lovely Thank You  note from the office manager and the priest from St. Paul's Church for all the supplies the 6th grade donated to the Shower Room for the homeless.  They were in awe of the generosity that was bestowed upon them.  I read it to the class and it is displayed on the board as a reminder of their kindness and compassion.  We will continue to collect supplies throughout the year.

We will be busy with preparations for Open House, Chapter 11(Israelites are out of Egypt) in our Religion book, Spelling, Demonstrative and Superlative Adjectives, Phantom Tollbooth Destinations, and Art.

As always I wish you a peaceful and happy week ahead.

Week of 1/22 - 1/24
Short week and we are working on projects for Open House so homework may look sporadic.
Mass this Sunday at St. Rose will be a special Mass beginning the week of Catholic Schools Week.  Please try to attend it would be so nice for the students and their families to support one another at this Mass.  We are all so lucky and privileged to be a part of St. Rose that I feel this is a perfect opportunity to give our thanks to God at this special mass.
I hope to see as many of you there as possible.

Week of January 13 - 17, 2014
I hope you have had a great week.  The 6th grade was very busy last week with many quizzes and activities getting ready for Open House on January 30.
We have a case of Strep again in 6th grade a note about symptoms etc will be coming home on Monday.
This week we will be studying Demonstrative Adjectives, the meaning of the names of the characters in the Phantom Tollbooth and the Hebrews fleeing Egypt.
Friday is mass so the students will need to be in dress uniform.
Please enjoy the week ahead

Week of January 6- 10, 2014
    Happy New Year to all of you.  I hope that you  had a very blessed and peaceful holiday filled with all the love and joy you so  deserve.
    We are off to a new start for this new year.  I have made a new seating chart and we shall see how long these arrangements will last.  I have listened to the children's desires and tried to take them all in to consideration.
We will be studying Comparative and Superlative Adjectives as well as Articles in English over the next 3 weeks.  I will begin the Phantom Tollbooth with them soon.  But, before I give them the book I want to teach them the various phrases and idioms that fill this novel, as well as clearly defining the characters for them.  They will be having daily quizzes on the material we cover in class.  I will of course be giving them a study guide for each quiz, so they will know exactly what to study.  We are starting Chapter 10 in our Religion book on Tuesday and will begin writing our Cornell notes on Wednesday.  This is a rather involved chapter so I will give them daily quizzes on their daily notes, leading up to the final chapter test on Friday December 17.
   I took your generous donations to the Shower Room for the homeless in Healdsburg the last week of school and they were overwhelmed by your generosity.  The kids were thrilled to hear that it will help so many people and they have asked me if we can continue to do this charitable activity throughout the year.   So please continue to save all your left over unopened travel toiletries and send them to school.  It is truly making a difference, not only for the homeless but for your children as well.  They take great pride in helping others.  Socks are very much needed during the winter not for their feet but to keep their hands warm as well.  We would be grateful for whatever new men's socks you can give us.
   We will continue our class theme of Generosity of Spirit but will also begin exploring the theme of Gratitude as we work our way towards Lent.
    I wish you the start of a good week and as always if you have any concerns don't hesitate to call me.

Week of December 2- December 5
   I hope all of you enjoyed a lovely and Happy Thanksgiving.  I certainly did.  This week starts the beginning of Advent.  Last week we made 2 Jesse Trees with ornaments that are displayed on our classroom doors.  We will be reading the Bible readings that pertain to each day and hanging the appropriate ornament on the Jesse Tree.   The Jesse Tree represents our Salvation History so we will be focusing on this topic for Religion during the month of December as we await the birth of Christ.  We will also be reading the Sunday readings for Mass on Fridays with the hope that the students will recognize them when they attend Mass on the weekend.  This is the beginning of the New Liturgical Year for Catholics.
   Since it is minimum day every day this week our schedule will be very chopped up and shortened.  I have made some changes in the curriculum for this week and it will change our daily routine.  Religion and Spelling will continue to be the same.  I have noticed many of the students building "things" in their desk and thought that perhaps this would be a great segway into a fun activity that would double as a writing assignment.  I have purchased many different types of building materials for them to use in  designing and building their objects.  The boys would love to build weapons but that is not allowed other than perhaps a few medieval objects that they will be learning about in 7th grade.  Once they have seen the display of building materials then they must go off and think about what they might like to build.  They will write a proposal and present it to me and if all goes well we will begin building this week.  This will culminate in a presentation to the class with a descriptive paper.  We will be doing all of this during class time.  Let's hope we can all carry this off.  So don't be alarmed if they come home talking about strange objects and building materials.
   We are continuing to collect our supplies for the Homeless Shower Room in Healdsburg.  I so appreciate all that you have donated so far but we still could do with more little bottles of body wash, shampoo, and conditioner.  Please make sure the toiletries are unused.  We have received a few half  empty bottles and they cannot accept those at the facility.  I was able to find 22 pairs of socks (men's size 6-12) this weekend and hopefully we will be able to get some more over the next three weeks. We discuss this daily and keep a running tally of the supplies we are accruing.  It is delightful to see the children show such concern for others.  I am very proud of them.
   I am looking forward to seeing you all at Conference Week I have so many wonderful things to say about your children.  A parent from another class asked me if I was doing ok and if I was happy.  My response was "What can I say when I have been dropped into Heaven?'
   Again if you have any concerns please don't hesitate to contact by email or the main office phone number.  Enjoy your week ahead.

Week of November 25-November 26
   This will be a very short week and will be filled with many activities. 
   Next Sunday will be the first Sunday of Advent so this week I will begin discussing the meaning of Advent and we will make a Jesse Tree for our classroom.  Each day we will read and discuss the Bible readings pertaining to the day and place a specific ornament on our tree.  Lest you think I am creative the class will draw the tree and the ornaments and we will hang it on our door.
   Tuesday we will have the opportunity to spend the end of the day with our grade buddies playing a little pilgrim game.  The wonderful room moms are giving us a treat to eat while we enjoy our buddies.
   Tuesday is also Mass, so they will need to wear their dress uniforms.  Mass will be at 10:30 instead of 9:30.  Father Gerry will be our Celebrant.
   We will continue with adjectives this week. (indefinite and definite, numerical adjectives). There will not be any Spelling test this week nor will we have a Grammar test.
   Exciting news!!!!!!!  We have a new student in our class, his name is Alexander. He was a surprise visitor on Friday and loved the class.  Your children were so kind and supportive to him throughout the entire day that I was moved to tears.  They all constantly amaze me.  He was not expecting to visit, we just kind of snatched him from his parents on their school tour and he asked to stay all day.
   You children will be bringing home their report card on Tuesday of this week.  I did not write any comments on the cards because I plan to save them for when we meet in person.  I will also be giving out the awards at the conferences. 
   I want to take this opportunity to let you know how thankful I am to all of you for your kindness and patience with me.  I know I am not the teacher you planned on having for your children but I am making every effort to live up to your expectations.  I am so blessed to be in this 6th grade with such caring and kind children.  I really do feel like I dropped into heaven.   The gifts that each and everyone of the students give to each other and to me is beyond words.  Just know that you should be proud of yourselves for raising such wonderful children and for sharing them with me and with St. Rose School.  I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving filled with love and joy.  You all deserve it.
Week of November 18-November 22
   We our out of pronouns and into Adjectives and we are all very happy.  Stargirl Book Jackets were due Monday 18 and happily all were turned in on time. 
   Today instead of working on Stargirl I took the opportunity to do Close Reading with the Gettysburg Address since it was the 150 year anniversary.
   The class has begun collecting toiletries for the Homeless Shower Room in Healdsburg.  One of the students typed up a list of what is needed and it will be going home in the Wednesday Envelope.  It is a place where the homeless can go and take a shower 4 days a week in a safe and caring environment.  The children are excited about helping others and have already begun to bring in some items.  We have six bath towels and a collections of mini shampoos etc.. The shower room is located in St. Paul's Parish Hall in Healdsburg and it is open to anyone who needs it.  Our class discussions about the homeless have given both the children and myself a keener awareness of how truly blessed we all are at St. Rose.
   Your children continue to amaze me with their support, kindness, generosity, and patience with one another and with others in our school community.  
   I wish you a good week ahead

Week of November 12- November 15
Last week was an intense week for all of us in 6th grade.  It was our first full 5 day week in quite some time and we packed a great deal of learning and experience into it. (for all of us, myself included) 
   We started to learn about Close Reading.  It is a specific way in which we read and digest the material in the articles etc...  I took an excerpt from The Prince and The Pauper by Mark Twain and we began the process of learning how to Close Read.  It was fun as well as really helpful in getting the children to understand that they need to dig deeper into what they are reading. First we chunked the reading into manageable sections, next  looked for unfamiliar vocabulary words , picked out parts of the paragraph that seemed important, parts that made us question or surprised us, as well as those parts that we did not understand.  We looked for key words and details and tried to make a connection if possible.  We annotated each one of these processes with a specific icon throughout the reading.  I did it with them first and the next day they were eager to do it in groups so I gave in and let them.  I must say they were very productive and totally involved in the process.  We will continue to work on this process through out the next several weeks using both fiction and nonfiction. 
   Close Reading is part of my literature program.  We are still moving along with Stargirl and had a great class discussion about our different feelings of the main character.  I am striving to have them understand you must back up your feelings and ideas with concrete thoughts and evidence..  It's a great deal more than "I don't like her!"  We are coming along, my mantra throughout the day is "Back it Up!"
   This is our last week of pronouns and we are all ready to leave that land and move into adjectives next week.
   I have begun to talk to them about a project that we could work on as a class for the holidays and perhaps beyond.  It would involve us collecting supplies for the shower room in Healdsburg.  I volunteered at the office where the showers are given over the summer and meeting those homeless people really made an impression on me.  The class and I are discussing it and I will have further info for you in the near future.
   Mr. Koenig a school grandparent came to talk to the class during Social Studies about Veteran's day.  He is a veteran of World War II and the Korean War.  It was very interesting and the students were very attentive to his presentation.
   As always the week was wonderful with your children.  I am constantly amazed at their support and kindness towards one another.  Everyone still has an E in Conduct and Effort.

Week of November 4 - November 8
I must admit last week was fabulous.  We did rhyming and silly Epitaphs and the kids really worked hard and enjoyed it. The next 2 days I taught a lesson on poetry and the children each wrote a Halloween Rhyming Poem.  They are terrific.  I posted them outside the classroom door.  Please stop by and see the great work all the students did. 

I survived Halloween and might even say that I enjoyed it.  I had fun Halloween activities for them to work on; we had a costume parade in our classroom and Mrs. B was the judge.  They all looked so fantastic that we decided everyone would be a winner and receive a No Homework and a piece of candy.  After the carnival they willingly helped clean up the play area and kept the gardens safe.  I received many nice compliments about the class and how helpful and kind they were.

This week we will continue with Stargirl, Possessive Pronouns, Possessive Adjectives, Religion (Cornell Notes) Chapter Six, and Unit 10 for Spelling.


Week of October 28 - October 31  Update: Monday afternoon  Epitaphs were fabulous.  Everyone earned a 100% we all had a great time and discovered each others' talent.  Tomorrow it's silly and scary poems.  (They are writing and I hope having fun.  Kinda like eating those vegetables you hate but are disguised in a fabulous sauce.)

Last week I made a new seating chart and changed everyone's seat.  After a few adjustments I think I might have gotten it right. We started Stargirl and have been working on in depth questions relating to the chapters we are reading. I see that I need to guide them more carefully in this area.  We are all used to just finding the answer and not delving deeper into the reading segment for further information and proof to back up our answers.
The lowest grade on the Subject and Object Pronoun test was a 92.  They are really working hard and I am very proud of them. 
I have decided to make up my own religion tests instead of using the ones supplied with the book.  I feel I can go deeper into the chapters with the class and then asses them more completely.  They agree and would like them to be multiple choice.  I will give in for a while and then add fill in later on when they feel more confident.
Since this week is really centered around Halloween, I will be doing things a bit differently.  We have been really working on grammar seriously and with enthusiasm on both of our parts. Therefore, I feel a change is warranted.  In honor of Halloween we will be writing playful epitaphs that rhyme and move into writing silly poems. This will give us a little break from grammar.  It will allow them to work on their writing skills.
Wednesday morning I had to leave the class with Mrs. Luthin.  She was very amazed at how organized they were.  They all knew to do their jobs and begin with their morning warms ups.  She told me it was a ten out of ten.  I only tell you this because I want to you know how thrilled and proud of your children I am.  All 39 of them are amazing and very responsible not only for themselves but for each other.  Their support for each other is fabulous.
Have a lovely week and as always if you have any concerns please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thursday is 12:30 dismissal

Week of October 21 - October 25
It has been a very busy two weeks for Sixth Grade.  They were very serious about Spirit Week and won the Spirit Flag.  I have never seen such spirit and excitement.
I really enjoyed Grandparents Day and the kids were very excited to have them in our classroom.  They sang a cheer to welcome their grandparents and special friends.  Two students gave a little speech to inform our guests about Sixth grade and then we had a little activity for them before we all headed off to Mass.  It was a lovely day and as usual your children really rose to the occasion with their behavior and kindness towards others.

We are finally starting the novel Stargirl  this week.  All the extra activities have set my lesson plans back a bit.  We will be studying Subject and Object Pronouns this week culminating with a test on Thursday.  I am also going to attempt to have them draw their sentences with the Subject and Object Pronouns.  We shall see how that goes over.

I will be changing seats this week.  I know it is time and they are looking forward to it.  I, however, always find it stressful since I have to find the students all over again.

We have a normal week this week. (5 full days).  Next week will only be 3 and 1/2 days with Halloween being the 1/2 day on Thursday.  They know my feelings about Halloween.  I will settle down and enjoy the festivities along with them.

As always, your children are fabulous and I continue to receive compliments about how successfully they work together as a class.  A grandparent asked me how I felt about teaching 6th grade and I told them I had just dropped into Heaven.
Enjoy the week ahead and as always if you have any concerns or questions please contact me.

Week of October 7- October 11
No school Monday for students, teacher in service.
Last week went very well, we all seemed to have recovered from testing.  We were studying personal pronouns and seems to me that everyone has mastered them fairly well.  I just need to tweak it a little. especially when it comes to placement of 1st, 2nd,and 3rd person. (I should say recognizing it in a sentence.)  We are all almost there!  I will also introduce Pronouns and Antecedents this week.  No test in English this week.  The week is too short and chopped with all the spirit activities.  There will be a Spelling Pre Test on Tuesday and the  real  test on Friday morning before the Jog a Thon for those students who wish to improve their grade.

Before we start our novel Star Girl I am going to be working on the Main Idea, (what is it, whether it is implied or stated, and how to find it) the Topic, (what is the topic, how to find it, and using supporting ideas to describe it) Details
(sentences that support the main idea of the passage)

We have been learning to take notes using the Cornell system.  The class really seems to enjoy learning how to take notes as well as studying from them.  Those students who used them to study for their Religion Test did very well.  We will be doing the same for Chapter 4 in the Religion book. I realize that I still have to help them learn to transfer what they learn from their notes into a different context when they read the test.  We will get there.

The cheer that they have planned for the Spirit Rally is really great.  They have all worked together as a team to produce a very nice product.

Progress Reports will be coming out this week and I am pleased to say the entire class has an E in Effort and Conduct.
What a great group of kids.  We are hopefully getting a new student in 6th grade on Tuesday.  Her name is Shannon Sullivan and we are all very excited.

Have a fabulous week as always if you have any concerns please don't hesitate to contact me.

Week of September 30- October 4
Testing is over!!! The class did a very nice job of adjusting to all the schedule changes.  The same can not be said for their teacher.   I guess I really  am a creature of habit.  We will be studying personal pronouns this week. (singular, plural, and gender).  I think we will have a test on Friday but I just want to see how the class responds to the lessons.

I will be doing 2 mini lessons, one on Historical Fiction and the other on Myths and  Folktales.  They are short and brief, and will help us work on text dependent questions.

We used Cornell notes in religion last week and I will continue to use it with them this week. It's just an easier and more concise way to take notes.  Mrs, B and are in tandem with this process.  I hope to have them well prepared for 7th grade.

Spirit Week is coming up and the class has been working on a really cute cheer.  Hopefully we will enjoy ourselves.

I have completed my Progress Reports and I am very pleased to say everyone still has an E in Effort and Conduct. This is just the  best class.  Have a delightful week and I will try to make sure I post the homework nightly.

Week of September 23-27
We had another fabulous week in 6th grade.  I was brought to tears by the way the entire class prepared and participated in their class mass.  I had many comments from teachers declaring that they felt the mass was very sacred, pious, and carefully and wonderfully prepared by your children.  I am very proud of them and their ability to work together as a community, supporting and caring for one another.

There will be no homework from me this week due to testing week.  I do not know about Math, Science, or Social Studies.  I think it's best to check the other teachers' websites.

Thursday is dollar free dress day.  Please make sure they are wearing appropriate attire to school.  No tank tops, sandals, or shorts too tight or too short.  I would hate for the Vice Principal to notice and free dress issues.

I have begun to work on my Progress Reports and I am at this point very pleased with the entire class.

Enjoy what is left of the rest of the week.

Week of September 16-20
It was so nice to see so many of you at Back to School Night.  I really thank you for your very kind and generous support.  I am grateful for all you do for me and I will do my utmost to make this a great year for your children.  Everyone still has an E in Effort and Conduct. Yippee!!!!!

 Our class mass is this Friday at 9:30 and we will practice the songs with Mrs. Piazza on Monday and Tuesday.  Actually, since I am writing this on Monday evening (sorry) their practice today was fabulous.  She was very impressed with their enthusiasm and cooperation.

I will be giving them three tests this week: Religion, Spelling, and Literature.  They have been doing so well I think they can handle it.  Next week is standardized  testing so there will be no tests for me and  that includes Spelling.  I also won't be giving them any homework.  I really want them to focus on successfully taking the standardized test next week. 

This would be a great time for them to catch up on their AR reading, so please encourage them to do so next week.

Again thanks again for your support.  I was overwhelmed by your kindness towards me.

Week of September 9-13
We had another fabulous week!!  They have been working very hard, particularly on a certain subject.  We sometimes went overtime and didn't complete all that I had planned.  I apologize if there was any confusion for you with the homework assignments. However, they managed to do all their assigned work and turn it in on time.  I had scheduled a Possessive Noun test for last week instead I have rescheduled it for Wednesday 9/11.  This will give all of them an opportunity to have a little more instructional and practice time so that everyone may do well on the test.  Possessive Nouns can be tricky.

We had a guest speaker on Friday and the entire class was extremely attentive and polite.  It was a joy to see them so mature and involved.  If I am to stay longer with the 6th grade I plan to have more guest speakers.  More about that in the future. 

This week we will have a Religion test on Thursday. (That's tonight's plan anyway.) We will be reading an excerpt from the book Climb or Die  for Literature using our Basal Reader.  I am working to accomplish the Core Curriculum Standards in this particular unit.  I will have text dependent questions for discussion. I have implemented the suggested vocabulary words throughout the lesson.  I will be giving them the definitions and they will have a vocab test on Thursday.  Aside from the academics the class is excited to get the room ready for your visit on Thursday night.  They are desperate to clean their desks, inside and out.  It is wonderful to watch them work together in such a cohesive and caring manner. 

If at all possible please have your child here before 8:15 they all have very important jobs to complete and if one person is late it can throw our whole system off.

Please have a wonderful week and I look forward to seeing you all on Thursday night.  Forgive any bugs in my homework system.  (Lest I forget to brag they all still have and E in Conduct and Effort!!)

Week of September 3-6
  Wow another fabulous week!  The lowest grade on the Singular and Plural Noun Test was a 95%.  Your children are such hard workers.  We have been studying the components of the short story as well as reading a short story in class.  The story we read was titled "Clean Sweep".  It seemed to me that they all enjoyed it and are grasping the concept of the short story.  They are all working very efficiently at their classroom jobs and are very supportive of one another.  They all still have an E in Conduct and Effort.  Please continue to encourage them to read their AR book at home.  Our mass is almost complete and we will begin studying the readings.  We will also be studying St. Therese in more depth this week.  I try to accomplish all my plans but sometimes the day just gets away from me or your children want to keep working on a certain subject.  ( A teacher's dream class)  This week we will be studying  Possessive Nouns and will have a test on 9/10.  They are eager to have their 2nd grade buddies.  Mrs Szczech and I have finally matched everyone together so hopefully they will know who their buddy is by sometime this week.  I am not yet sure when the two classes will get together.
Picture Day Wednesday 9/4

Week Of August 26 - 29

   We survived the first week of school and it was a delight.  Everyone did very well on their NOUN TEST.  All tests were 82% and above.  I was very proud of the class since we not only had a busy first week, but they were responsible for setting up and taking down the chairs for Mass.  They did it in 15 minutes and the only noise I could hear was the chairs.  Mr. L was not there to help us so we really were on our own.  Your children rose to the occasion gracefully.
   We will be studying plural and singular nouns this week and delve further into the components of the short story.  In religion we will be studying about our prayer life and also the life of our saint.  We will be responsible for the Mass on September 20.  I would like to start preparing and planning early. 
   Everyone turned in their homework and eagerly participated in class so all students still have an E in Effort and Conduct. They have also been very responsible with their assigned jobs. 
   Please continue to encourage them to read 10 minutes nightly.  I do not yet know the amount of AR points they will need for this trimester.  I hope to have that squared away by the end of the week.
   Friday  8/30/13 is a non student day at St. Rose as the teachers will be at an in service at St. Eugene's .
   As always if you have any concerns or questions please feel free to call or email me.
September 5 School Picture Day 5th - 8th grades

Week Of August 20 - 23
   I am thrilled to be teaching your children for the next several weeks. I am not as skilled in technology as I would like to be, but I plan to get up to speed quickly.  I will try to post the homework daily on the Homework page.  Your child will be given a green homework folder on the first day of school.  It will have a letter for you to read and study guides as well as any homework assignments.   Please make sure they bring the green folder back and forth to school.  I will be assigning homework nightly.  It will be due the next day and I know every one of the students will have it ready for class. Along with the assigned homework I want them to read nightly for at least 10-15 minutes.  They will need to have a book for their Accelerated Reading Points.  They can find a book in  the school library and I have books in the classroom as well. 
   Our classroom theme will be Generosity of Spirit. As a class I want all of us to be aware of one another and to offer our help before it is needed.  God has been generous to all of us in many ways and I would like  the class to become a supportive team and care for one another.  We will discuss our theme further over the next few days of school. Our class saints will be St. Therese (Little Flower) and St. Joseph. 
   Please read the letter I have included in your child's homework folder.  It will, hopefully, answer any concerns and questions you might have regarding the class and my ability to teach.  I have also included a form for you to sign letting me know you read the letter.  If it is turned in on Wednesday your child will be given 10 points toward their Religion grade.  I want you to feel free to contact me if you have any concerns.  You may call my direct line 545-3445 or email me at  I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible.
Kathleen Aymar

Please note:
Tuesday (8/20) is 12:30 dismissal
Friday (8/23) is Mass at 9:30  Dress Uniform is required.
 Friday ( 8/30) no school - Teacher Inservice