Mrs. Buswell

SCHOOL: Frenchtown Elementary School

CLASS: Kindergarten

SCHOOL PHONE: 203-452-4227

About The Teacher

I enjoy spending time with my wonderful husband and beautiful daughter and 
our little man. I obtained my BA in Elementary Education from Mount Saint 
Mary’s University in Maryland and received my masters degree from SCSU in 
  I am a family oriented person. I love spending every waking moment with my 
family and friends. We love being outside, going on walks and swimming. We 
also have two very active dogs who love to bark and play. 
  I'm extremely excited for this year and cannot wait to meet everyone!

Mission For The Class

 My mission is that each child will have an equal opportunity to learn. I 
believe that each child learns differently and each need will be met in my 
classroom. Also, community is a large portion of a learning environment. In 
my classroom the children will learn how to respect each other to increase 
their reading, writing, math, social studies and science abilities.