WHS Centennial

One Hundred Years at Worthington Hooker!


Throughout the 1999-2000 school year, our teachers collaborated in developing and implementing an exciting Centennial Curriculum that integrated literacy, research and technology skills, music and the arts. Each class studied a decade in-depth in order to develop an understanding of everyday and school life, the arts and significant events and people of the time. In addition, each class studied a theme (transportation, dance, and inventions are some examples) to determine changes over the past one hundred years.

We began our Centennial Celebration on a bright morning in October 1999, when members of our fourth and eighth grade classes honored our namesake, Dr. Worthington Hooker, by laying a wreath on his grave at Grove Street Cemetery.


Many of our students developed their research skills using specially selected resources in our library media center. They listened to and read literature set during their decade of study.

Under the direction of our art teacher, Judie Alderman, the students learned about and recreated the artwork of prominent twentieth century artists.On June 2,2000, our students presented an original opera, Anniversary Tales, written by Susan Bingham and directed by our wonderful music teacher, Susan Smythe. On June 3, 2000, our students shared their learning with the many alumni and friends of Worthington Hooker School through creative displays of their art and written work.


Mrs. Nuzzo's third grade class studied the 1900's, and the theme of immigration.


Mrs. Lembo's fourth grade class studied the 1910's, and learned all about 20th century inventions!


Mrs. Bergin's third grade class studied the 1920's. They wrote a newpaper, The Roaring Twenties Times, and studied 20th century dance styles! Mrs. Hick's class also studied the 1920's and the stock market crash.


Mrs. Burns' second grade class learned all about the 1930's. Their artwork shown at the bottom of the display replicates the ceiling beams at Worthington Hooker, painted by WPA artists!


Mrs. Auringer's fourth grade class studied the 1940's through a year-long literature unit. They planted a bush in memory of all the WWII veterans from Worthington Hooker.


Mr. Reynold's first grade class studied the 1950's and the history of transportation. Here they are in their 1955 Chevy! Our seventh graders also studied this decade.


Mrs. Apuzzo's first grade class studied the 1960's and 20th century music! Our fifth grade classes also studied the 1960's and 20th century presidents.


Mrs. Scully's sixth grade class studied the 1970's. Have a nice day!


This artwork by Ms Wilson's second grade students was inspired by the grafiti artist and cartoonist, Keith Haring, popular in the 1980's.


This artwork is based on the mosaic style of Chuck Close, an artist who became popular in the 1980's and 1990's.


Mrs. Banister's kindergarten class studied toys of the century! Mrs. Echols' kindergarten class learned to play games popular throughout the past 100 years!

The Worthington Hooker Oral History Project

The Worthington Hooker Oral History Project was one of the most valuable learning experiences of the Centennial year. Several alumni returned to our "dear old school" to meet with today's students.Mrs. Huebner's eighth grade students conducted interviews and created a video archive. Click here to see a PowerPoint that incorporates quotes from the Oral History Project.