Mrs. Wolf's Oregon Trail Web Quest

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 This web quest was created to address social studies, language arts,science 
and math fifth grade Sunshine State Standards.

Social Studies:SS.A1.2-SS.A.2.2-SS.A,.4.2-SS.A.5.2-SS.A.6.2-SS.C.1.2
*Fifth graders will understand that American beliefs, values, and traditions 
have contributed to the political, economic, and cultural heritage of the 
United States.
*American culture is a mosaic of many cultures.
*People move from place to place for various reasons and there are cycles of 
*Exchange of ideas, values, and beliefs may lead to change.

Math: MA.B.2.2.1-MA.E.3.2.2-MA.E.1.2.2
*Uses schedules,calendars, and elapsed time to solve real world problems.
*Students solve real world problems involving length (ie. miles), weight (ie. 
tons), and angles.
*Uses statistical data about life situations to make predictions and 
justifies reasoning.
*Can determine range, mean, median, and mode from sets of data.

Language Arts:LA.A.2.2.1-LA.A2.2.7-LA.A.2.2.6-LA.A.2.2.5
*Students will be able to determine the main idea or essential message, 
supporting details, and chronological order.
*Recognizes the use of comparison and contrast in a text.
*Recognizes the differences between fact and opinion.
*Reads and organizes information for a variety of purposes including making a 
report, taking a test, and performing an authentic task.

Science: SC.2.2.3,SC.2.2.2,SC.G1.2.2
*Knows that the more massive an object is, the less effect a given for has
*Knows that an object may move in a straight line at a constant speed
*Knows that living things compete in a climatic region with ther living 
things and that structural adaptations make them fit for an environment.

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