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Wagon Dimensions

Task: Calculate Covered Wagon Dimensions and Area

Step 1
Use the internet link to find out how the length and width of covered wagons.

Step 2
Gather several yard sticks and masking tape.  You will need to find a large 
space outside or interior hallway to measure the wagon's length.  Place yard 
sticks end to end then roll the masking tape the length of the wagon.  Next, 
using the same technique to measure and mark the wagon width.

Step 3
Using pencil and paper, calculate the wagon area.  

Step 4
Class discussion and students estimate the wagon's volume.  Think about the 
items the emigrants brought with them.  Do you think you would have room for 
all of the supplies and still be able to sleep in the wagon?  What kinds of 
things do you think you might have to leave behind?  How many oxen or donkeys 
would be needed to pull the one ton wagon?

Use this link to find how the dimensions of a covered wagon.

Evaluation Check List

Student was able to use the internet link and find out the dimensions.
Yard sticks were placed end to end to correctly measure length.
Measurement began at 0 inches.
Tape was rolled straight along the edge of the yard sticks.
Tape was measured to the exact wagon length.
The tape "wagon" is a rectangle.
Student multiplied length times width to calculate the area.
The correct area is stated on paper.
Student participated in class discussion .
Opinion expressed about estimation of wagon volume.
Student could justify their volume estimation.


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