August 19, 2014
Morning Drop-off Procedures - EFFECTIVE 8/20
Closed-Campus Policy - EFFECTIVE 8/22

Mrs. Bauza's Homeroom goes to LINE 11 & Mrs. Toledo's Homeroom goes to LINE 17 

August 15, 2014

Dear Parents,
We are looking forward to meeting you and your children on Monday.  You may come directly to our classrooms, rooms 72 and 73.  If you would like, you may bring any supplies you have purchased already.  If you have not purchased school worries!  We will send home our supply list on Monday, August 18th.  Supplies are due on Friday.  If you would like, please e-mail us the following "check-in" information, so that your morning drop off may run smoothly. There is an e-mail link on the left side page of this webpage. 
1. Your child's name.
2. How will your child go home?
3. What kind of lunch is your child going to have; home or school lunch?
4. Your name and a phone number where you may be reached at.
5. Any concerns you may have.

1.  Please visit the school's website.  You may want to sign up for the electronic grade book or a school lunch account.

2. You may find the Parent Handbook in the school's website.
Please click on the link below to reference this handbook.

3.  The class supply list may be found on the "Supply List" tab on this website.
You may bring these supplies, if you wish, on the first day of class. These items may be purchased at: Dollar Tree, Walmart or Target etc. 

4.  During the first week of school, your child will be bring important information home for you to review.  Please check their book bag for these items.  These must be reviewed, filled out, signed and returned.

a. Handbook receipt
b. Media Consent Form
c. Lunch application (Optional)
d. Classroom Discipline Plan
e. Student Information Sheet
f. Home Learning Policy
g. Emergency Contact Card
h. Code of Student Conduct

5. In order to keep up with our class news and updates, please sign-up for notifications in the "NEWSFLASH" tab in this website. 

This year Open house will take place on September 16th. We strongly encourage you to attend.  At Open House, we will be discussing classroom rules and procedures, important test dates, and how to help your child achieve his/her full potential.  We will have a power point presentation available for parents who are not able to attend.

We wish you a blessed weekend and look forward to seeing you on Monday!

Mrs. Bauza and Mrs. Toledo