Dr. Estrella , Elementary School Counselor at Key Biscayne K-8 Center

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Counselor's Newsletter

COUNSELING NEWS- AUGUST-SEPTEMBER 2015 We start the year welcoming parents and students as well as reminding all of the importance of attending school every day and arriving on time. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Know that it is very important to establish helpful routines that can help your child make a smooth transition from a carefree summer to responsible school time. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please review tips on this website that can help your child adjust well and enjoy school. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- During the months of August and September I am helping students who may need assistance with transitions and adjustment. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- During the first week of school, teachers will review the Code of Student Conduct as well as school, cafeteria and classroom rules with their students. I will also reinforce that information when I start visiting classes in the next few weeks. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We will be offering a New Parent Orientation and a Parent Workshop on Bullying Prevention. Information on dates will be sent home and posted on the school website. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OCTOBER-NOVEMBER 2015 (Coming up) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These NEWSLETTERS listed below (from previous years) may contain relevant and valuable information for parents and teachers. Click on an item in the list below to see the document:

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