I can't believe that we are already halfway through first quarter. Please stay current with your ISN; this work counts as both summative and formative and is a big part of your grade.

Continue to register with DCF; follow the instructions under DCF Fall Registration from the link at the left side of this page

I am going to miss you. I will be out the next 3 weeks (returning Oct 15) because my husband is going to have a kidney transplant and we will be living in Jacksonville. Mrs. Haycock is our sub; she is a retired teacher and certified in this area. I will be back at the end of this quarter. Keep working hard and keep up with your ISN. I will be collecting it when I return.

I'd like to encourage you to take advantage of opportunities to improve your grade. Keep your ISN up to date. Your ISN is evaluated twice a quarter and counts as a double grade: both formative and summative.

Tests are often open-note. When you receive a test back, make sure that you correct your wrong answers because these are you review packets for your semester exams. You want to be sure that you have corrected information to study later. Also, anyone can retake or correct (writing the question and answers of questions you missed on another piece of paper attached to you test) her test. You are required to turn in test corrections if you scored between 60-70 in order to have your grade count in Pinnacle. If you score below 60; you are required to retake your test. You have a week to complete this work. I am at school every morning at 6:30; you may also come in at Office Hours or at lunch to redo work.

I DO NOT round up grades because most units have enrichment (extra credit) opportunites. The catch is that this work must be turned in within one week of the unit's completion. Please don't ask me the day before grades are due for extra credit - plan ahead. It is your responsibility to check Pinnacle for your grades; please talk to me if you have any questions or concerns.

Work hard. Be postive. I am happy to have you in CudaCare. Let's have a great year.
Mrs. Elliott