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Clean Up at Turtle Beach in conjunction with Jack Johnson's mission of a 
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Welcome to the home for Mr. Y's Science classes. I hope that
you will find it easy to navigate around so you can use it to fulfill
assignments and other responsibilities. If you have any questions, please
see me in class or e-mail me at

AP ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE: It is highly recommended that you READ and RESEARCH
as many resources on your computer. Although Environmental Science may sound
very easy to understand and conceptualize, it has VERY BROAD coverage that
includes all aspects of science. This means it will require a lot of time to
read and study prior to the exam in May. Please keep in mind that this is a
college level course that will be very time-demanding. If this is NOT what
you are motivated to do to be successful, then please consider another
elective. Many of you have had me as a middle school science teacher, but
please understand that teaching this course requires a higher level of
standards. My hope is to be able to see a very successful assessment grade
for you at the end of the year.

MARINE SCIENCE: Many students are very enticed to select a course that gives
them an opportunity for hands-on experiences, especially in science. This
course will require students to maintain a marine aquatic community as well
as learn about our marine communities. One of the highly recommended learning
experience is the annual SeaCamp field trip. It will provide the student
something other than classroom knowledge and memories that last a life time.
Some of you may have already experienced SeaCamp in elementary and/or middle
school. Pine View and SeaCamp worked out an spiraling curriculum to meet the
educational needs of each grade level, so each experience is different.

LIFE SCIENCE: Study of basic biology including kingdoms and the human body.