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PARENTS: If you need instructions for CrossPointe, please go to DOCS. I 
uploaded a pdf file with information.

Grade 6 - EARTH SCIENCE: Study of Earth and Space. Any television 
programming that relates to Earth Science are great resources to help you 
understand and apply concepts in class. PBS, Science Channel, Discovery, 
History Channel, Weather Channel and National Geographic are some 
suggestions. Of course, parental discretion is a priority!

Grade 7 - Physical Science: Chemistry and Physics concepts. Any television 
programming that relates to Physical Science serve as great resources, 
especially if the student wants to delve deeper into concepts. Recommended 
are History Channel Modern Marvel, PBS NOVA, Weather Channel, Science 
Channel, National Geographic Channel. Websites such as 
contain great tutorials in the event a student is struggling to understand 
concepts in math and science. Parents are encouraged to view the website and 
content as a tool to aid in helping the student succeed in learning.