Happy Summer Everyone!

          It has been another great year at Redland Elementary School and I am happy to say that all of my students are being promoted to fifth grade!  I am hoping that all have already begun their summer iReady log - placing it somewhere visible to remind them not to let skills weaken over the summer.  It is a wonderful time to be with family and friends and ALSO great for building skills to enter fifth grade strong! We discussed the importance of reading over the summer and finding time on a regular basis for it.  Please be sure to take along a good book in your car, on a plane, or even to a doctor appointment (for the waiting room).  
          It has been a pleasure seeing each and every one of my students grow this year.  We have accomplished a great deal together.  Students have learned the importance of collaborating with their peers, accepting each other as equals, and showing compassion for each other.             
         Beyond learning from books, we have learned about rescuing sea turtles, the values of having a garden, and more!  Because we made our May flower pens again this year to remind everyone that sea turtles are nesting, we were able to donate $100 to the Turtle Hospital in Marathon. The garden at Redland was our own "Secret Garden."  We truly did not keep it a secret, however.  We made flowers to adorn the fence (from plastic bottles), had a squirrel named Shell, and we even had a door to remind us what was hidden in the book we read by Frances Hodgson Burnett. It was evident in the book that a smile and a positive attitude make a huge difference in people's lives. My students all understand how Colin and Mary helped each other to overcome a "disagreeable" attitude.  Having someone like Dickon to discuss, from "The Secret Garden", also brought up many applicable and real life conversations.  The amazing writing by Frances Hodgson Burnett made talking Yorkshire a fun experience as well.
        Thank you, students and parents, for your support this year.  I wish you a safe and wonderful summer.  The progress you made on your FSA test this year is to be commended.  As I spoke about during our End of the Year Awards Assembly, the students who put forth effort in reading on their own, iReady minutes, attend school regularly, and complete homelearning to keep skills sharp, are consistently our high achievers.  If it wasn't you this year, tell yourself it will be in fifth grade!  I will always be here to help and support. Put forth your best effort and KNOW you can do anything you put your mind to!  
         Take care and have a safe and wonderful summer! Make memories and cherish each day!