August 2017

Dear Students and Parents,
   Welcome back to Redland Elementary School and to all our new students - we are happy you have joined us!  Our opening of school went smoothly and now we are more acquainted with each other and our routine. 
    Thank you to all who have brought in school supplies for our class.  The tissues, paper, wipes, and more will all come in handy throughout the year.  What a generous class I have!  It is all appreciated and will be used by students this year!
     This website is our way to communicate and stay in touch. I will be changing it often and hope that you visit to use the valuable links I have here.  Remember to read each night for homelearning.  The links to the left have many awesome website that have books for you to read.  One is  Another is storyline online.  
      We will begin a book in class together called The Last Egret.  Please try to schedule appointments after school or after lunch so that you will not miss out on this awesome book. 
       I know we are going to have an amazing year together learning. Thank you for a great beginning!