Gallery 1

Mrs. Bryant's son Kevin came in to read us a book.

Into the Sea by Brenda Guiberson was retold. We made the life of a loggerhead sea turtle come to life with pop up book pages and writing.

We wrote about a sizzling hot summer day and wrote on ice cream shaped paper. Also, we have our collages on display which shows our varied interests.

Celeste, Daniel, Jill, and Erin are busy writing events in the correct sequence for our story Akiak.

Using the recipe for Eskimo Cookies we learned the importance of reading carefully and following directions. The gooey mixture was delicious especially after rolling the ball into the powdered sugar!

This mural was made by all of the students in Mrs. Bryant's AM and PM classes during the 2011-2012 school year.

We are learning to expand sentences when we write, remembering to write with details. Here is Maria's awesome writing about the Titanic.

We read Finding the Titanic and enjoyed using the book as a reference while we expanded sentences. For example:The ship sank. People left.
Expanded: The magnificent Titanic descended into the frigid waters of the Atlantic Ocean in 1912 due to hitting a massive iceberg. Hundreds of passengers jumped overboard, while fortunate people were able to board lifeboats.

Mrs. Walker dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood for Book Character Day. She even brought a basket which Little Red carried through the woods.

We celebrated Book Character Day on Oct. 31st. Celeste and Jill (Miss Fiona from Miss Fiona's Stupendous Pumpkin Pies and the detective from Detective LaRue)are here with their books.

We are reading The Magician's Elephant in our class. It is written by Kate DiCamillo who, like Mrs. Bryant, is a UF alumni! We are using incredible vocabulary just like this award winning author.

Ulish is dressed as a character from Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Melanie is the fortuneteller from The Magician's Elephant. In the book she told Peter that his sister Adele lives!

The Amazing Christmas Extravaganza by David Shannon was illustrated and retold by all of us. We are proving we are storytellers! Narrative writing uses many events such as Mr. Merriweather firing up his ol' station wagon and filling it with decorations from five different department stores!

We read Beatrice's Goat by Page McBrier. Alejandro brought in this picture to show his goats that his family owns. One goat can produce about two galllons of milk a day, which can feed more than one family. In the story a young Ugandan girl named Beatrice was able to attend school and help improve her home with the milk she sold.

As we prepare for our FCAT Florida Writes test on Feb. 26th, we are constantly finding new words to use in our stories and essays. Here are our Writing folders with new words we discovered in Time for Kids.

We learned about sea turtles and their life story. After making artificial flower pens and collecting donations, we are proud to say that we raised $100 for The Turtle Hospital in Marathon, FL.

We packed nutritious snacks in bags. These included popcorn, pumpkin seeds, cashews, raisins, m&ms, sunflower seeds, and granola. Our tag showed everyone that our pourpose was to raise enough for a goat and we met our goal! :)

It is summer and that means sea turtles are nesting! Here is an actual nest that has been marked by volunteers. It was dated 6/28/13. There are many sea turtle nests marked off on our coastline. Please be careful when you are at the beach. Let's hope the sea turtle hatchlings make it to the water before they are eaten by seabirds or other animals.