2011-2012 I received Teacher of the Year for Redland Elementary School. 
What an honor to be voted by my fellow staff members. 

  2011-2012   Fourth Grade Teachers at Redland Elementary School were awarded 
a grant to study sea turtles.  The Service Learning Project included tracking 
a sea turtle in each of the six classes. Also, after researching and reading 
from books purchased with grant monies funded by Miami Dade College, students 
made their own pop-up books.  In addition to tracking and making a book, 
students also made laminated book markers with information written on them 
teaching HOW sea turtles can be saved with our help.  They were beautifully 
colored and then given to people who donated $1.  The money collected was 
given to the Turtle Hospital in Marathon Florida on behalf of Redland 
Elementary's fourth grade students.

  2011-2012  The Returned Peace Corp Volunteers of South Florida awarded the 
4th grade teachers with their Service Learning Award, given annually to a 
school where service learning is being incorporated across the curriculum.

  2012-2013  Miss Valiente and myself, Mrs. Bryant, were awarded The returned 
Peace Corp Volunteer Service Learning Award again!  We once again used 
service learning across the curriculum to teach our students the importance 
of caring for their world and others.  We taught the children through the use 
of the following books:  The Good Garden, Beatrice's Goat, and Give a Goat.  
Our students learned how one goat can help a family rise above poverty and 
increase the education of their family as well.  We collected donations for 
healthy snack bags which included granola, nuts, popcorn, seeds, and m&ms.  
Our students were able to purchase a goat for $120 on Heifer International's 
website which allowed for a family to purchase a goat.  However, this affects 
more people because Heifer international also has a rule that the offspring 
of a goat be "passed on".  One goat's milk helps nourish a family with more 
to sell. This allows for improvement in homes, education, and health.

2014  We have won the Returned Peace Corp Volunteer Service Learning Award 
again!  What a great honor to be recognized by the Teacher Coalition.  Miss 
Valiente and myself have worked hard to instill in our students a love for 
each other, their community, and animals.  We were able to use awesome books 
to teach about Animal Shelters.  Our children made dog biscuits and gave them 
to a local group called This is the Dog.  Goldie, a rescue dog, came to our 
school with her owner and she taught us how important it is to spay or neuter 
a pet.  Also, we learned how to care for animals and have compassion for 
them.  As well as dog biscuits, our students earned money from selling 
nutritious snacks, and were able to donate dog food, paper towels, and wipes 
to the dog rescue group.  Organizations work due to the efforts of many and 
our students have learned HOW shelters are formed.  They have become socially 
aware and gained insight into the reason why someone would mistreat animal.  

2016  ReadQuest, a reading incentive contest sponsored by Renaissance 
Learning awarded my class a $500 Amazon gift card for our entry.  We were 
able to purchase new headphones for our classroom, books for our class 
library, stickers for our Reading AR charts, posters for our class, and 
Mathematics posters as well.  It is always great to be rewarded for inspiring 
children to read independently. I submitted a picture of a couple of my 
students reading from the I Survived... series and noted how this author used 
elabortion which is what we are learning to do in fourth grade also!