Honors Bio Absent Student Resource/Lessons

The Lessons webpage provides a detailed outline of everything that was accomplished in class each day. This is where you should go to find out what work you need to make-up when you have been absent. It is also a good place to go to remember which textbook pages/materials were used in class.

*Extra copies of all assignments will be available in the "While You Were Out" file crate in our classroom. You can also print a copy of the assignment from the "Today's Lesson Materials" tab on this website.

I WAS ABSENT...what do I do?
- Check to see what you missed below.
- Look at "Vocabulary" tab, and add vocabulary that you missed to your binder.
- Look at "Homework" tab.
- Print available worksheets from "Today's Lesson Materials" tab, or plan to pick them up when you return to class.
- Do ANYTHING that we did in class that you are able to do at home.
- See Mrs. Mocherman before school or during class to discuss any questions you may have about missed work.

Aug. 29-Sept. 2
Identify and describe the characteristics of a comparison experiment and a controlled experiment.
LP: Use applicable scientific vocabulary: control group, experimental group, independent variable, dependent variable
ATT: Work with shoulder partner to complete the controlled/comparison experiment, using the Gizmo simulation.
Today in class...We discussed the difference between a controlled experiment and a comparison experiment.  Students then used the Gizmo simulation: Growing Plants to develop their own experiment, utilizing the scientific method.  
If you missed today...Check HW and Vocab. tabs.  Obtain a copy of the Growing Plants Gizmo scientific method practice and use the logins on the "Links" page to complete the assignment.

Today in class...
We checked yesterday's Gizmo, reinforcing the differences between comparison and controlled experiments.  Students then completed a practice page about comparison and controlled experiments, which we checked in class.  Students were given a few minutes at the end of class to start the Scientific Method active study: graphic organizer.  Last Friday's scientific method quiz was returned and discussed.  Quiz reflections are due Tuesday, 9/6.
If you missed today...Check HW and Vocab. tabs.  Use today's flipchart to check your answers to the Gizmo.  Obtain a copy of the practice page to complete.  Complete your sci method active study assignment.  See Mrs. M. for your graded quiz from Friday.

CP: Review scientific method components.
LP: Use scientific method vocabulary: hypothesis, conclusion, analysis, independent variable, dependent variable, controlled variables, etc.
ATT: Work with tablemates to complete the scientific method practice and revisit the pretest.
Today in class...Students turned in their active study for HW credit.  Students then were given an explanation about how to complete an assessment reflection for formative assessments (to earn back 1/2 points missed on formative assessments) and were given a directions page to keep in their "permanent forms" in their binder.  Students then completed a scientific method practice page with a scenario about blowing bubbles.  The first 10 minutes was done independently, then students worked with group members.  Answers were checked in class.  Students were then given back their pretest from the 2nd day of school and asked to revisit it and make corrections.  Lastly, students shared their active study assignments with their tablemates and made additions or corrections.
If you missed today...Check HW and Vocab. tabs.  Turn in your active study upon your return.  Obtain and complete the scientific method practice page.  Also obtain a copy of the reflection guidelines.  (Both available under "Today's Lesson Materials" or in the "While you were out" crate in the classroom)  Ask Mrs. M. for your pretest upon your return.

Aug. 22-26
Today in class...
We corrected the scientific method practice pertaining to the science article about artificial sweeteners.  Then, students took a scientific method quiz about all that we have been practicing this week.  This week's topics were all review from the past two years of scientific method materials.  Lastly, students viewed a video clip of a TEDTalk about "Procrastination"  ;-)
If you missed today...Check HW and Vocab. tabs.  You will need to check your answers for the scientific method article from yesterday.  You will also need to arrange a time to make up today's quiz as soon as possible.

CP: Identify and describe the scientific method component in a scientific news article.
LP: Use scientific method sentence frames.
ATT: Work with shoulder partner to read the article and complete the scientific method activity.
Today in class...Students shared their data from yesterday's experiment with other groups and answered the last question. Then, we checked the whole assignment as a class, emphasizing the use of required sentence frames, and the purpose of repetition and replication. Students were then given a science news article and were asked to highlight anything in the article that described the scientific method. Then, students were asked to answer questions requiring them to identify the steps of the scientific method in the described experiment. Students will complete questions for HW.
If you missed today...Check HW and Vocab. tabs. You need to check your answers from yesterday's lab, using today's flipchart. Get a copy of today's article and activity sheet on "Today's Lesson Materials" or tomorrow in class.

Identify and describe repetition and replication in a science inquiry activity and explain why they are important.
LP: Replication occurs when ______ and is used by investigators to ___________. Repetition occurs when __________ and is used by investigators to ____________.
ATT: Work with shoulder partner and then tablemates to complete Sci Method lab #2: Ruler lab.
Today in class...Students shared their answers from the clothespin lab with the rest of the table, made corrections and enhancements, then we discussed as a class. Then, students completed another lab to practice scientific method in which the students partnered up. One student dropped a ruler between the fingers of another. The catching student then had to catch the falling ruler as soon as possible and measure the distance. Students were determining whether or not the length of their arm impacted the results. The focus of this activity was using the scientific method sentence frames and identifying repetition and replication in today's and yesterday's labs. Finish questions for HW.
If you missed today...Check HW and Vocab. tabs. Check last yesterday's lab answers against the answers in today's flipchart (found in "Today's Lesson Materials"). Be prepared to acquire data from a tablemate and complete the lab upon your return.

Content Purpose:
Use the steps of the scientific method and the appropriate sentence frames to complete an inquiry investigation.
Language Purpose: Use the provided sentence frames when identifying and describing parts of the scientific method
Accountable Team Task: Work with tablemates to complete Sci Method Lab #1: Clothespin Lab
Today in class...Students took a scientific method pretest that will be used to plan instruction and for revision after scientific method unit. Students were then given the procedures for a simple experiment. They used the procedures to identify scientific method components. Then, students completed the experiment, collecting data (how many times can you pinch a clothespin in one minute...). Analysis and Conclusion are to be completed for HW.
If you missed today...Check HW and Vocab. tabs. Plan to come in early or during lunch to complete the pretest. You can catch up on the lab upon your return to class.

Content Purpose: Identify and describe appropriate behaviors in the science lab for safety and success.
Language Purpose: "_________ is an inappropriate lab behavior because _____. The student should have _______ instead."
Accountable Team Task: Work with tablemates to use the provided picture to identify examples and non-examples of appropriate lab behavior. Then match the pictures with one or more of the lab safety rules from the Lab Safety Contract.
Today in class...Students were given the class expectations and guidelines, parent/student survey, and lab safety contract. We also reviewed how to use Mrs. Mocherman's website, as well as classroom routines. Students were then given a picture of examples and non-examples of appropriate lab behaviors. Students worked together at their tables to match the pictures to one of the rules on the Lab Safety Contract. We quickly reviewed the rules. If students had enough time, they participated in an interactive lab safety activity.
If you missed today...You will need to get copies of the expectations, lab safety rules and parent/student survey upon your return. Also, see HW tab.