Absent Student Resource/Lessons

The Lessons webpage provides a detailed outline of everything that was accomplished in class each day. This is where you should go to find out what work you need to make-up when you have been absent. It is also a good place to go to remember which textbook pages/materials were used in class.

*Extra copies of all assignments will be available in the "While You Were Out" file crate in our classroom. You can also print a copy of the assignment from the "Today's Lesson Materials" tab on this website.

I WAS ABSENT...what do I do?
- Check to see what you missed below.
- Look at "Vocabulary" tab, and add vocabulary that you missed to your binder.
- Look at "Homework" tab.
- Print available worksheets from "Today's Lesson Materials" tab, or plan to pick them up when you return to class.
- Do ANYTHING that we did in class that you are able to do at home. The more you do on your own, the more prepared you'll be when you return. :-)