The Lessons webpage provides a detailed outline of everything that was accomplished in class each day. This is where you should go to find out what work you need to make-up when you have been absent. It is also a good place to go to remember which textbook pages/materials were used in class.

*Extra copies of all assignments will be available in the "While You Were Out" file crate.  If you are absent, please get a copy of "While You Were Out" from the file crate and obtain copies of the assignments.  You can also print a copy of the assignment from the "Today's Lesson Materials" tab on this website.

Friday, 8/29/2014
CP, LP, ATT - Same as 8/28
In class today...
Students completed vocab. quiz #1.  Most did an excellent job on this first grade of the school year!  Continuing with our study on the scientific method, students then used their reference page (in class) to fill in notes about writing a procedure.  Students were then tasked to write the procedure for the Bounce Height Lab that we did in class earlier this week.  The challenge was to make the procedure detailed enough that even someone unfamiliar with the experiment would be able to perform it successfully.  Through a few edits, most students were successful at producing excellent procedures.  Then, we spent a few minutes reviewing hypothesis by reading some scenarios and writing the hypothesis for the experiment described.  We will follow up on that Tuesday.
If you missed today...Check HW tab, plan to make up VQ1 next Friday when you take VQ2.  Use the reference sheet (Today's Lesson Materials) to complete your notes on procedures.  Also write your procedure for the Bounce Height Lab in the space provided in your notes.  You do not need to go beyond that point in your notes.

Thursday, 8/28/2014
CP: Explain how to write a scientific procedure and apply what you've learned to the "Bounce Height Lab"
LP: Use sequence vocabulary to write a scientific procedure.
ATT: Work with shoulder partner to gather info. about writing scientific procedures and then apply what you've learned as you write a procedure for the Bounce Height Lab.
Today in class... We reviewed HW and clarified independent and dependent variables, took notes on hypothesis, completed a table entrance slip where we identified variables and corrected a hypothesis.  Then we worked on explaining and following directions where students made a pattern with shapes, then verbally directed their shoulder partner to make the same design without seeing the original. Students then did the same activity but with written direction.  It was beneficial to practice giving and following step-by-step directions.  This will be a beneficial skill in our lab work this year.
If you missed today... Check HW and Vocab. Tabs, show Mrs. M. your HW upon your return.  Plan to make up your vocab. quiz upon your return.  Also, look at today's flipchart in "Today's Lesson Materials" to update your notes for hypothesis.

Wednesday, 8/27/2014
CP: Explain what independent, dependent and controlled variables (constants) are and describe the relationship among the three.
LP: Use the following sentence frame when writing a hypothesis (predicting the variable relationships): "If...(independent variable), then ... (dependent variable), because ... (reasoning behind cause/effect relationship).
ATT: Work with shoulder partner to gather and interpret information to be included in the Scientific Method Notes.  Use that information to write a testable question, identify the variables and write a hypothesis for the Bonce height Challenge activity.
Today in class...We completed the Bounce Height Challenge.  Groups predicted how high they would have to drop the ball in order to get a teacher-assigned bounce height.  Many groups got really close.  One group was exactly right!  Then, we began our reading about the scientific method, taking notes on the paper given out in class.  IN the students' notes they were asked to apply the scientific method to the lab we completed yesterday.  We completed the part about variables today and will start with hypothesis in class tomorrow.
If you missed today...Check HW and Vocab. tabs.  You will need to get a copy of the note pages from today (print at home, using "Today's Lesson Materials" - or get a copy from the "While You Were Out" crate in class).  You will need to catch up on the notes from the first page.  Stop at hypothesis.  We used the Sciencesaurus book in class, but the same information can be found in the iScience textbook on Angel LEARN.

Tuesday, 8/26/2014
CP: Gather and interpret data to determine the relationship between the drop and bounce heights of a ball.
LP: Use the following sentence frame when predicting the necessary drop height to attain an assigned bounce height.
"When a ball is dropped from __ cm, it will bounce to __ cm, because... (support prediction with data/results from experiment)"
ATT: Work with tablemates to interpret data and comoplete the Bounce Height Challenge.
Today in class: Students were given the open-ended task of determining the relationship between how high a ball will bounce compared to how high it is dropped.  Students were asked to collect data and show it as well as the relationship statement in a flipchart that they saved in class. At the beginning of class tomorrow, students will predict how high they need to drop a ball in order to reach the teacher-designated height.  Are you up for the challenge?!
If you missed today...Check HW and Vocab. Tabs, no make-up work from today's activity.

Monday, 8/25/2014
CP: Use observations and inferences to formulate a definition for scientific theory.
LP: Support your ideas by using the following sentence frame: "I think _____ because____."
ATT: Work with shoulder partner, then tablemates to make observations and inferences about the dino track evidence, then use them to support as you write a possible explanation of how the footprints were created.  Share your explanation and then form a working definition for scientific theory.
Today in class...Students were given a picture that represented dinosaur tracks.  Their job was to act like a scientist, making observations and inferences, then brainstorming possible explanations for the footprints.  Then, students shared their ideas with the table to develop an explanation that everyone could agree on.  Students shared their explanations with the rest of the class.  Then, shoulder partners came back together, used all the evidence and ideas they had gathered, and formulated a paragraph describing the scene.  They turned in the paragraph, then worked with their tablegroup to develop a definition for "scientific theory".
If you missed today...You will need to view the dino footprints and write a paragraph summarizing your explanation of the events that occurred to create the footprints (think outside the box!).  You can print the page from "Today's Lesson Materials" or you can pick up a copy from the "While You Were Out" crate in Mrs. M's room.  Check HW and Vocab. tabs.

Friday, 8/23/2014
CP: Identify and describe appropriate behaviors and actions to be taken in a science lab to ensure safety and success.
LP: Use the following sentence frame when identifying appropriate lab behaviors/actions: "_____ is an inappropriate behavior because ____. The student should ______ instead."
ATT: Work with tablemates to identify lab rules being violated in the scenario assigned to your table group.  Create and present a secnario that demonstrates the lab safety rule.
In class today...Students were given a lab safety non-example scenario.  They planned out a skit to demonstrate the non-example to the class.  Then the class filled in the sentence frame on their computers telling what the inappropriate lab behavior was, why it was inappropriate, and which lab safety rule the students should have been following.  It was a fun, active way to reiterate some important safety rules for the lab environment.
If you missed today...No make-up work from the activity, check vocab. and HW tabs. Turn in your lab safety contract Monday.

Thursday, 8/21/2014
CP: Identify and describe appropriate behaviors and actions to be taken in a science lab to ensure safety and success.

LP: Use the following sentence frame when identifying appropriate lab behaviors/actions: "_____ is an inappropriate behavior because ____.  The student should ______ instead."
ATT: Work with tablemates to remember the lab safety information and use it to demonstrate learning during a quiz game, using group response card.
In class today...Students were given a Lab Safety Contract to read over and sign. Periods 1-2 due Monday.  Periods 3-6 due tomorrow.  Students then worked in teams to learn as much about lab safety as possible in 15 minutes, using provided materials.  Then teams competed in a game of "Snakes and Ladders" to see who remembered the most.  It was a great time of learning and working together!
Check HW tab.
ALL Gold Science students were present today!  WOW!

Wednesday, 8/20/2014
CP: Become familiar with the Earth/Space textbook, while using the "helping curriculum".
LP: Use respectful language when offering help, helping and declining help.
ATT: Work with classmates to answer questions about the online textbook, using the helping curriculum to offer help, help and decline help.
Today in class: We signed up on Blackboard LEARN under Mrs. Mocherman's class.  We did a textbook scavenger hunt.  (Please note that the students were unable to sign up for online textbooks today. We will sign them up as soon as the computer system is working properly.)  We set up our science binders and were introduced to our method for completing vocabulary in science class.  There will be vocabulary pages available in the classroom, but you can also print them from home.  All parts of the vocabulary page are required to be complete for each new word given.
Check HW tab.
All Gold Science students were present today!

Tuesday, 8/18/2014
Content Purpose:
Use the silent interview technique to get to know your tablemates.
Language Purpose: Use respectful discourse when interviewing shoulder partner and answering questions.
Accountable Team Task: Work with shoulder partner and then tablemates to analyze the interview answers and summarize team similarities on the virtual t-shirt.
In class today...Mrs. Mocherman introduced herself and some of the class procedures.  Students were then given the "Classroom Expectations/Welcome Letter", and the parent and student surveys (all due Thurs.).  Students interviewed their shoulder partners, then introduced them to the rest of the table.  Students began working on a virtual t-shirt design with their tablemates, using pictures and words to represent their similarities.  It will be continued tomorrow.  It was a terrific first day!!
If you missed today...See Mrs. Mocherman to get copies of the Classroom Expectations, Welcome Letter, Parent Survey, and Student Survey.  Or, download and print your own copy, using "Today's Lesson Materials" link.
Check HW tab.

Monday, 8/19/2014
Identify important parts of Mrs. Mocherman's website.
LP: Use respectful discourse when assisting classmates.
ATT: Assist classmates while searching Mrs. Mocherman's website and completing the scavenger hunt.
In class today...We completed the virtual t-shirts from Monday.  Mrs. Mocherman discussed Classroom Expectations.  Mrs. Mocherman introduced her website.  Students were then went into the computer lab to login to the computers and start working on the website scavenger hunt, to be completed for homework.
Check HW tab.