Local School Employees


Whenever a student reports unwanted sexual behavior from another student, or you observe behavior that appears harassing and of a sexual nature…

1.      Immediately contact your Title IX Coordinator: Jen Liedel

2.      Separate students until an administrator can speak with them.

3.      If a student appears upset and the Title IX Coordinator is unavailable, consult a counselor.

Whenever you suspect inappropriate and/or sexual employee-student behavior, you should:

1.      Immediately contact your Principal, Title IX Coordinator, or first available administrator.

2.      If the administrator is the alleged violator, immediately contact the Department of Equity and Compliance at (678) 301-6811.

3.      Do not investigate or alert the accused employee

As a non-Title IX Coordinator, you should never…

1.      Investigate the alleged misconduct.

2.      Discipline an accused student without making the Title IX Coordinator aware.

3.      Dismiss any rumor or report of sexual harassment.






-     Touching, pinching, or grabbing in a sexual way

-     Intentionally brushing up against someone

-     Forced kissing/hugging

-     Cornering someone

-     Physical assault, rape, or attempted rape

-     Coerced sexual relations

-     Touching or rubbing oneself sexually around another person

-     Pranks, such as pantsing, or causing another to be exposed


-     Graphic sexual descriptions

-     Sexual slurs, innuendoes and comments about a person’s clothing, body and/or sexual activities

-     Offensive and persistent risqué jokes

-     Suggestive or insulting sounds, such as whistling or cat calls

-     Sexually provocative comments/compliments about a person’s clothing

-     Comments about the sexuality of a person

-     Repeated unsolicited propositions for dates and/or sexual relations

-     Asking about sexual preferences or history

-     Staring or ogling at someone with suggestive overtones

-     Licking lips or teeth, winking, or blowing kisses

-     Holding or eating food provocatively

-     Lewd gestures that denote sexual activity

-     Persistent and unwelcome flirting

-     Staring at an individual or looking a person up and down (elevator eyes)

-     Displaying sexually suggestive pictures, calendars, posters, statues, etc.



When in doubt, report.

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