Mrs. Roth's Weekly Pencil Page

A reading log has be placed in your child’s blue binder.  The goal for your 
child is to read for at least 400 minutes outside of class each month.  
Please record the minutes your child reads each day, sign the form, and 
return the reading log at the end of the month.  Each month (October – March) 
Pizza Hut and treasure chest coupons will be awarded to those who 
successfully meet the reading goal.  Even if the goal of 400 minutes is not 
met, the reading log still needs to be signed and returned.  Thank you.  
Donna Roth

“Arts and Crafts” is the theme for our classroom’s PTO Basket. For those new 
to Lincoln, each class collects items to put in a basket and then the baskets 
are raffled off during the Lincoln School Carnival (March 20).  Basket 
collections are due by March 5. Thank you!

Week of MARCH 2 
Plan ahead dates:
Mar. 2 – Signed Reading Log due whether 400 minute goal is met or not.
Mar. 2 – PTO meeting in music room, 7p.m.
Mar. 5 – “Arts & Crafts” basket contributions due
March 6 – 3rd quarter AR tests due
Mar. 6 – Easter Seals Pajama Day fundraiser – students/staff make a
 donation  in exchange for wearing pajamas to school
Mar. 6 – Early dismissal, 11:50
Mar. 9 – No school, Teacher in-service
Mar. 13 – Report Cards
Mar. 14, 15 – Come watch Lincoln teachers perform in the play “Super!” at 
Bertha Frank.  Proceeds benefit the Stanfield family.
Apr. 1 - Signed Reading Log due whether 400 minute goal is met or not.

Your child will be reading the fantasy story “Serious Farm” and poems 
from “Beyond Old MacDonald.”  These playful selections are about farm animals 
in silly situations.
     We will begin our unit on telling time to the 5 minute.

Spelling:  Test on Friday.  
store, fork, pour, score, your, chore, short, more, four, sore, ignore, 
important, factory, explore, fourteen, went, men, read, need, land

Homework:  Homework is due by Friday.
Monday:  Write misspelled spelling words 3 times each.
Tuesday:  Spelling worksheet
Wednesday:  Read “Serious Farm” to a parent.
Thursday:  Math worksheet
Please encourage your child to read for at least 20 minutes outside of class 
each day.