Mrs. Roth's Weekly Pencil Page

A reading log has be placed in your child’s blue binder.  The goal for your 
child is to read for at least 400 minutes outside of class each month.  
Please record the minutes your child reads each day, sign the form, and 
return the reading log at the end of the month.  Each month (October – 
March) Pizza Hut and treasure chest coupons will be awarded to those who 
successfully meet the reading goal.  Even if the goal of 400 minutes is not 
met, the reading log still needs to be signed and returned.  Thank you.  


Plan ahead dates:
Oct. 6 - Morning assembly, 8:10
Oct. 6 – School Pictures Re-taken
Oct. 9 – Teacher inservice, No school
Oct. 12 – Columbus Day, No school 
Oct. 21 – Report cards
Oct. 22, 23 – Parent/Teacher conferences, No school
Nov. 2 - Signed October Reading Log due whether goal was met or not.

Reading:  Test on Thursday.	
     Your child will be reading “The Great Ball Game” and “The Bat.”  This tale and poem describe 
the characteristics of the flying mammals called bats.

     We will complete our unit on strategies for adding 2-digit numbers.   

Spelling:  Test on Thursday.  
say, yes, no, please, go, down, how, did, like, our, went, get, now, too, good

Homework:  Homework packet is due by Friday.
Monday:  Spelling worksheet
Tuesday:  Reading vocabulary worksheet
Wednesday:  Read “The Great Ball Game” to a parent.

Please encourage your child to read for at least 20 minutes outside of class each day.