Welcome to Fifth Grade


September 6, 2016

Dear Parent(s) or Guardian(s),


            My name is Mrs. Matthews and I will be your child’s fifth grade literacy teacher here at Owen Scholastic Academy. I am excited to welcome each of you, and look forward to a productive school year. Your child will change classes and be taught by more than one teacher for their core subjects.

 Each child is expected to report to school promptly every day in the required uniform of blue pants`/jumper, white shirt/blouse, and black or brown shoes.  Boys must wear belts to hold up their pants. Everyone is requested to bring school supplies daily.



An expanded version of this letter has been sent home.


Reading Logs:  Students are required to read nightly and turn in Reading Logs (school-wide) at the end of each month. Reading Logs are due at the end of each month. The following grading scale applies;

                        100%- on due date (with all required minutes)

                        90%- 1 day late (with all required minutes)

                        80%- 2 days late (with all required minutes)

                        NO READING LOGS ACCEPTED

                   AFTER THIRD (3rd) DAY

Due Dates:

September 30, October 31, November 30, December 23, January 31, February 28, 

March 31, April 28, May (TBD)


Assessments:/ REACH Performance Assessments: There will be assessments throughout the units and at the end of each quarter. REACH Assessments will be administered at the beginning (BOY) and end of the year (EOY).


The students will also be administered the NWEA/MAP (Northwest Evaluation Association/Measures of Academic Progress) three times this year: Fall/Winter/Spring. The test is aligned with the CCSS and will be used to help guide instruction to meet the needs of each student.      


*QUARTERS – Each Quarter ends on the following day:

Q1          ends        November 3, 2016                                Q3          ends        April 6, 2017

Q2          ends        February 2, 2017                                   Q4          ends        June 20, 2017




Categories (Gradebook):


          Categories: The categories listed below are for Reading and Writing. For Writing the category of MTSS will be excluded, and the category of Homework will be increased to

Twenty percent (20%).


Tests (45% of overall grade):  Students will be assessed on a regular basis. In the event a retake is given for a test, the retake and the original grade will be averaged for the final grade. If the student fails to score higher on the retake, the original grade will be final. There will no grade(s) dropped from this category.


Major Assignments/Projects / Quizzes (35% of overall grade): All major assignments will have rubrics to completely explain the assignment. If your child uses the rubric, it should help him/her to get the best possible grade. Major assignments and projects will not be accepted after the due date. Accommodations will be made for extenuating circumstances only. There will only be no grade(s) dropped from this category.


Daily Assignments / Homework (15% of overall grade): Daily assignments will include both homework and in-class assignments (participation). Participation Grade: 2 points per day totaling 10 possible points for a weekly grade. Students will receive 1 point for being prepared for class and 1 point for active participation in lessons. There will only be no grade(s) dropped from this category.


Intervention/MTSS (Multi Tier System of Support) (5% of overall grade): Students will be provided extra help in the classroom each day with areas (Reading/Math) of challenge.


Listening/Speaking Grade Categories:


Daily Participation-30%

Special Presentations-70%


Research Categories:


Minor Assignments-30%

Major Assignments-70%


Grading Scale:


 The grading scale is as follows:


                                    A         90%-100%

                                    B         80%-89%

                                    C         70%-79%

                                    D         60%-69%

                                    F          0%-59%


Parent Portal: Please make sure you have your access information for Parent Portal. It is an expectation that parents check Parent Portal on a weekly basis. If assignments are missed, they will be listed on Parent Portal. If there is a serious problem with your child’s progress, please contact me. Remember, we are partners in this process.




Progress Reports/Report Card Distribution Dates:


Progress Report Distribution Dates:

Q1- October 7, 2016                     Q2- January 9, 2017

Q3- March 10, 2017                        Q4- May 19, 2017


Report Card Dates:

Parent/Teacher Conference Dates:

Wednesday, November 9, 2015 and Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Distribution Dates (No Conference) Report cards will be sent home:

February 10, 2017 and June 20, 2017


Conduct Folders:  All students will have conduct folders. The folders are used to inform parents of the work/behavior habits of your child during the school day.  If your child receives an infraction, please take it seriously. After five (5) infractions (within a quarter) a parent conference is required. After ten (10) infractions (within a quarter) a one day in-school detention is required. These folders will be sent home at the end of each week and need to be signed and returned the following school day (usually Monday with the exception of holidays).


If you have any questions or concerns you may contact me via email or parent portal. Homework is listed daily on my webpage. I am available for parent/teacher conferences (by appointment). I welcome you to visit my class to discuss your child’s progress and any concerns when needed.



Mrs. Matthews

We can make contact in the following ways:

If you have trouble accessing this page, go to the TeacherWeb website and follow the prompts.

 773-535-9330 ext. 20838

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