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Fundations Phonics

Fundations Phonics by Wilson is a systematic phonics program that we have adopted in our primary grades.  I had great success with this program last year and found the skills taught were easily applied by my first graders when they were both reading and writing.  A lesson was taught daily in our Word Work block.  This program incorporates lots of review and spirals throughout the year so that skills are revisited and reviewed often.  This enabled children to learn the skills when they were developmentally ready.  The daily whole class lesson was fun and the children couldn't wait to share what they knew about words.  I found Morning Message to be a great time to review phonics skills taught.  The children were word detectives and looked for words that were examples of various skills we had learned.  Marking the words according to the Fundation way was a graphic example of their learning that served as a daily anchor chart for skills taught. There is also a handwriting component that covers letter formation in a unique way.  The children learned to print using names for the lines on the handwriting paper.  The printing was taught in conjunction with a review of the sounds for each letter.  Wilson supports the program with handwriting paper, letter cards, posters, and manipulatives which proved to be very helpful and motivational for my first graders.  There is also a Home/School Connection component for each unit that was sent home as we began a new skill.  This was a packet that explained the skills to the parents and gave them ideas of games and activities to work on at home.  The consistency of this program for the children in the classroom, at home, and in our Reading Den  helped make it a success for my students.  
Below are some links to the Wilson web site for more information on the Wilson Fundations phonics program:  
Fundations home page with an overview of the program:
Level 1 (First Grade) skills taught:


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