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**Special thanks for our awards!  It means a lot to us teachers to be
recognized for all of the heart and soul we pour into web building.  Web sites are fantastic communication tools for students, parents, and fellow teachers!  Many thanks to you all for this recognition of our web site! 
 *~*Mrs. Nancy Zider

 July 21, 2008
Dear Mrs. Zider,
What a magnificent class site you have! I absolutely loved visiting each and every page. You have done an outstanding job with the design and graphics you chose throughout the site. There's also tons of resources and information for parents, students, and teachers alike. You have done an outstanding job at showcasing your students' projects in your beautiful slide shows. Way to go! I would like to extend my congratulations to you for creating such a remarkable site. Your students are truly lucky to have you as their teacher. I would like to present you and your site with my Big Apple Award. Congratulations! You truly deserve it. I hope you enjoy it. Have a wonderful summer!
Ms. Mariely Sanchez :)


July 21, 2008 
Mrs. Zider,

I absolutely love your class website! The information is very organized! I bet that the parents & students that you teach are very happy to know that you have this website! Parents love when they are just a click away from important information. It's such a great tool for communication with your parents & students.

Keep up the awesome work and I will definitely bookmark your website for many great ideas such as the "horn" idea! I am pleased to present you with the "Awesome Website Award!"

Happy Teaching,
Brittany Ponvelle

                                                             July 21, 2008
Your site definitely qualifies for the 'Bee'utiful Site  Award of Excellence.  Your site navigates easily and is designed to be original and creative.  Thanks for making the web a better place. It is evident that you put a great deal of hard work into your web space. You provide a wonderful resource for your students, parents and fellow educators. 
Best Regards,
Mrs. Barth

 You have certainly worked hard on your Website. I so enjoyed my visit there. Please accept my web award as congratulations for being a LEAP above the rest.
 Your site is truly BEE UTIFUL! Thank you for sharing your site with your students and the world! You're a true asset to the teaching community!
 With much regards,
 Ms. Bock

Dear Mrs. Nancy Zider,
 It is my great honor to award your site with my A+ website award.  Your site is really AWESOME!!  Your website shows all of your hard work and dedication that you put into your site day in and day out.  You definitely deserve this award.  I know that your parents and students are really lucky and glad to have a teacher like you to make such an AWESOME class website.  Good Job and Keep up the AWESOME work!!
Mr. Kyle
Kindergarten Teacher




Hey there,
      GREAT SITE! You did an excellent job on your site and you definitely
deserve the Kids Online 101% award. I am sure kids of all ages will love
your site! You should be VERY proud! 
      Congratulations! I wish you the best of luck! Have a great week!
                                    Your friend, Mike

It was a pleasure to visit your First Grade class via internet! I loved browsing through your site and getting to know you and your teaching style! I read you recently traveled to Italy! I LOVE Siena, Italy--in fact my husband and I got married on the front steps of the main Cathederal there in Siena three years ago! Did you have a chance to travel to Venice and take a gondola ride? I can only pray we can return there someday! Italy is BEAUTIFUL (as you know!!!)! Your site offers a lot of FANTASTIC resources that foster communication between students, parents, and other teachers!  You have organized your site well. Twenty-five years of teaching...KUDOS TO YOU! Please accept our A+ Webiste Award. We ask that you in turn, link our web award abck to out classroom website located at
http://www.mrsherbic.com. Congratulations! Many blessings as you begin preparing for the 2008-2009 school year!   
Kimberlee Herbic 

                                                            July 23, 2008
Dear Nancy,
Hi! Thank you so much for applying for my Outstanding Classroom Website Award! Congratulations- you have won it!!! Your site is wonderful Nancy, you should be very proud! I'm sure that your students and their parents are also very grateful for all the information you provide to them as well. Please link this award back to my site, http://mrsgoldsclass.com    Keep up the OUTSTANDING work!!!
Jennifer Gold

Hi Nancy, Congratulations on winning our Heartwarming Site Award. As a former elementary school teacher myself, I know how much love, time and energy it takes to work with kids.
Enjoy your Summer and I wish you the best for the upcoming 2008-2009 school year.
Warmest Regards,

Hi Nancy!
I am pleased to present you with the Gold Star Award for your outstanding classroom website! What a wonderful resource for your students, their parents, and fellow teachers! Keep up the great work!
Please link this award back to my site at
http://www.mrsvandyke.com. I have added your site to my list of award winners! Congratulations!

Kirsten Van Dyke

Hi Mrs. Zider,
Your classroom website is awesome!!! You have done such a great job! Your hard work on your site reflects your passion as an educator. Your parents and students are lucky to have such a dedicated teacher. Your site is more than deserving of my award!
Rachel Stout

July 26, 2008
Congratulations on receiving my A+ Website Award!! Your website is awesome!!! I really enjoyed my visit. Your parents and students are really lucky to have a teacher like you to put in so much time and hard work into creating such a wonderful class website. Keep up the good work. You are a great inspiration!

Warm Regards,

Ms. Melendez

 Hi Nancy,
I loved your site.  Here is your award, hope you enjoy it!!

Dear Mrs. Zider,
We visited your website and we love it!  Your graphics and music are awesome, and we love your slideshows!
Please accept  our Awesome Classroom Website Award!
Mrs. Reber's K-2 PS Class     

 (Special thanks to Ashley from Thistle Girl Designs for designing this award)
I would like to continue in this tradition!  Submit your web site to win "Mrs. Zider's Busy Buzzy Bees "Bee-Lightful!" Award. Just click on the above graphic to apply...

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