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Links for Parents

This is a condensed version of our classroom web site on our 
Pioneer School web site.  Check it weekly for a copy of our 
newletter, fridge facts, parent volunteer opportunities, and 
learning links.
Check out our second site on Pioneer's web page.

Parent Tip of the Day
An excellent site to check daily

How Can I Help My Child at Home?
Ways to help your child succeed in school

Simple Science Experiments to try at home.
Easy and fun learning and thinking opportunities

How to find a "just right" book using the "5 
Finger Test."
Is a book too easy or too hard?

Five for Fighting is donating $.99 to Autism Speaks for each time 
this video is viewed.  Let's help fund a cure!
Moving Video on Autism 

Books for First Graders
Print out and take on your next library visit

Building Early Math Skills
Easy and fun ways to encourage math learning every day

Tips for Parent Teacher Conferences
Home and School communication is so important

Is My Child Gifted or Bright?
Mrs. Gold's version of our district's gifted vs. bright checklist...Thanks to Mrs. Gold

Raising Small Souls Site & Movie-Every Child is Special-It is our 
job to work together so your child can be the best he/she can 
be!  Click on the Animal School box near the bottom to view this 
Watch the movie, Animal School...know that our classroom is truly inclusive

A Poetic Reminder that ALL Children Are Special
Thanks to Mrs. McGowan for online version

Stages of Early Reading...Read to see the characteristics that 
your child 
displays as a reader
Thanks to Mrs. McGowan for description from Mrs. Hall's web site

ABC's of Parenting
Parenting A-Z...Thanks Mrs. Teague

Talking to Your Child about His/Her Day
Thanks to Mrs. Healey for this helpful information

Reading Strategies to Help Early Readers
Thanks to Mrs. Anding for this wonderful version of reading strategies we teach

How Most Children Learn to Read
An interesting article about helping children learn to read

In answer to the question, "How Is My Child Doing?"
Thanks to Mrs. Harper for this valuable information for parents.

Helping Your Child Learn Math
Here are some games and activities to make exploring math fun

Some Math Challenge Activities
Thanks to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics for these Math Challenges

Figure This!  Family Math Corner...Math Challenges for Families
Family Members are crucial to student success...

Parent Tips for Helping Your First Grader Read
Here are some wonderful things to do with your first grader to grow a reader!

This site has Word Wall word flashcards, spelling word practice 
tips, and reading strategies to use with your child.
Mrs. Zider's Schoolnotes Site


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