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Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

Memories from 07/08, 08/09, 09/10, 10/11, and 11/12

Johnny Appleseed Day Sure Was Fun! (07/08)
Take a peek at this Fall Fun Learning Day...

Pumpkin Math-Messy Math Fun! (07/08)
Look at all the math we did with pumpkins.

Our Fall Party (07/08)
Check out this fantastic party!

Scarecrow Day...Reading, Writing, Math, Art, Dancing, and Cooking! 
A glimpse at Scarecrow Day

Our Thanksgiving Program Taught Us Lots about History! (07/08)
Wow...what a great performance!

Polar Express Day  (07/08)
All Aboard for a Magical Trip to the North Pole

Making Gingerbread Houses  (07/08)
Check out our creations...we had SO much fun!!!

Happy New Year in 2008!  (07/08)
We had a noon countdown our first day back in 2008!

Snow Day 2008 (07/08)
Despite a -20 Degree Windchill We Had a Super Snow Day!

Our Celebration of 100 Days in School (07/08)
Who knew math could be so much fun?

Our Valentine's Party (07/08)
Celebrating Fun and Friendship

101 Day...Almost as Fun as 100 Day! (07/08)
Check out these adorable dalmatians!

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! (07/08)
What a Fantastic Week We Had...

St. Patrick's Day (07/08)
Leprechauns Got Into Mischief in Our Classroom Today!

Our Egg to Chick Project (07/08)
Hands on Life Science...What a Fun Way to Learn!

Caterpillars to Butterflies (07/08)
Another hands on science project!

Our A to Z Countdown (07/08)
What a super fun way to say goodbye to first grade!

Patriot Day 2008...We sang songs, read books, wrote about the 
U.S.A., made
patriotic friendship bracelets, and celebrated America today.  
What a special
day to learn about the wonderful 
place where we live!
We Are Proud to Be Americans....Check out our learning fun! (08/09)

Apple Orchard Field Trip...We learned so much about how apples grow 
and why
bees are so important.  It was fun to be outside on a beautiful day 
What a Fun Time Out in the Country! (08/09)

Johnny Appleseed Day...We had a parade and walked from state to 
state just
like Johnny Appleseed did!  We planted grass seed instead of 
appleseeds.  Then
we made applesauce and did learning stations!
Look at Our Johnny Appleseed Theme Day...A Step Back in Time... (08/09)

Scarecrow Day... What a fun way to celebrate literacy with reading, 
painting, books, corny jokes, songs, poems, and Square Dancing!  It 
was a
regular barn dance in our classroom!
Look at all the math we learned from a pumpkin!  (08/09)

Fun Halloween activities in class, at our parade, and at the Fall 
What a Fabulous Fall Party...Peek In on All of Our Fun!  (08/09)

Our 50th Day of School...Fifties Style!  Take a step back into 
What a Fun Way to Learn about 50  (08/09)

We learned about the first Thanksgiving and put on a program for our 
 What a fun way to learn history!
Check out our version of the first Thanksgiving...  (08/09)

All Aboard...the Polar Express... for the Magical Ride of a 
Lifetime...all the
way to the North Pole!
Climb Aboard the Polar Express...Where Will It Take You?  (08/09)

After reading The Gingerbread Baby we decided to make houses for our 
gingerbread babies.  Sharing candy and working together sure is fun!
Look at the houses we built for our gingerbread babies.  (08/09)

After Polar Express Day we were transported around the world to 
learn about
holidays in many different places.  That Polar Express is a magical 
Check out this trip we took to learn about Holidays Around the World. (08/09)

Happy New School Year 2009...Our Noon Countdown...Check out our fun 
excitement to be back at school!
Celebrating 2009 on our first day back to school after winter break.  (08/09)

Can you believe that we have had almost 50 inches of snow and three 
snow days
this winter but on our Snow Day theme day it was too cold to play 
That didn't stop us though...check out the fun!
We brought the snow inside for our Snow Day! (08/09)

We have been waiting for 100 Day for so long!  It was worth the 
wait...we had
so much fun exploring 100 in so many ways!
100 Days of Learning Fun in Grade One...Take a peek at our day...(08/09)

101 Day is another fun way to celebrate math...
Look at these adorable dalmatians (08/09)

Valentine math and party fun.  Check out this wonderful day of 
smiles, sweets,
and friends!
What's Better than Friends at a Valentine's Party? (08/09)

Take a look at the ways we celebrated reading with Dr. Seuss.  Green 
Eggs and
Ham Day, Wacky Wednesday, Silly Sock Day, Hat Day, and Oobleck Day 
Check out Dr. Seuss Week...a Celebration of Reading and Fun!  (08/09)

St. Patrick's Day Fun....We made hats, leprechaun boxes and traps, 
and even
wrote "Wanted" posters.  Lucky Charm Math brought us 
luck...leprechauns showed
up, messed up the room, and left us gold chocolate coins.
We Couldn't Trap Leprechauns... but...They Showed Up!  (08/09)

Earth Day 2009...We had a super day of learning how to care for 
just Earth Day... but everyday!
Take a peek at our Earth Day Projects (08/09)

Check out our celebration of America!  We are lucky to live in such 
a great
Patriot Day 2009

The rain stayed away long enough for our parade and seed planting.  
Then we
headed inside to do learning centers with our wonderful parent 
Look at all of the learning fun we had on Johnny Appleseed Day!
Our Johnny Appleseed Day 09

Take a peek at our first field trip to an apple orchard.  We had 
lots of fun
on a beautiful sunny fall day in the country!
Our Trip to the Apple Orchard 09

Take a step into our classroom on Scarecrow Day!  What a fun day of 
with a scarecrow theme.  We had centers of square dancing, math, 
jokes, poems
and songs, writing stories, and baking, and painting!
Scarecrow Day 2009

What a fun...but messy...way to learn more about math!
Pumpkin Math 09

What a beautiful fall day we had for our costume parade and party.
Fall Parade and Party 09

Our 50th day of first grade was so much fun!  Join us for hula 
hooping, math
fun, rootbeer floats, and a sock hop!
50's Day- Our 50th Day of School 2009

Take a peek at our ride aboard the magical Polar Express.  This was 
our ride
to the North Pole that kicked off Holidays Around the World!  Arctic 
Polar Express Day 2009

After reading Gingerbread Baby, we decided to make our own 
gingerbread houses.
 Check out all of the fun we had making these wonderful creations!
Making Gingerbread Houses 09

Take a peek at our first day back to school in 2010.  We made lots 
of noise,
toasted with applejuice, and decided on New Year resolutions. 
Happy New School Year 2010

Below zero windchill and a lack of snow changed our snow day a bit 
this year.
 Check out the day we had making ice cream, doing a blubber 
watching a virtual snow storm movie, and reading and writing about 
ice and snow.
Snow Day 2010

Exploring 100 was so much fun!  Look at all of the learning 
activities we did!
100 Days in First Grade 2010

Dr. Seuss sure makes reading fun!  We had a week to celebrate!  
Check out our
fun activities based on Dr. Seuss books!
Dr. Seuss Week...What a Celebration! 2010

Check out our Happy Valentine's Day.
Valentine's Day 2011

Who knew that counting to 100 could be so much fun!  Check out 100 
100 Day Celebration 2011

It was too cold to go out and enjoy the snow so we brought the snow 
Check out all of our fun activities to celebrate winter.
Snow Day 2011

We were so excited to be back at school after winter break.  Take a 
look at
our mini New Year's Party for 2011.  There is a lot of fun learning 
ahead in
the new year!
Happy New School Year 2011!

Check out these creative and fun gingerbread houses that we made 
after reading
books about the Gingerbread Man...
Gingerbread Houses 2010

We took a magical trip to the North Pole.  The best part is that 
this Polar
Express kicks off our Holidays Around the World trips to many 
countries.  Our
passports are ready...  
Polar Express 2010

We had so much fun learning about history and the 1st Thanksgiving 
while at
the same time preparing for our show.  Sit back and enjoy all of 
Thanksgiving learning fun.  (Be patient on page one...the video 
takes a minute
to load.)
Thanksgiving Program 2010

Take a step back in time... to the 50's... as we celebrated the 50th 
Day of
School.  We explored the number 50 and life in the 50's including 
root beer
floats and a Sock Hop!
50th Day of School... 50's Style

Take a peek at our Fall Parade/Party...  Fun was had by all!
Fall Party/Parade 2010

Look at the fun afternoon we spent exploring math concepts of 
estimation, counting, and cooperation!  What a fantastic way to 
learn math!
Pumpkin Math 2010

What a great day for a Scarecrow Day.  Take a peek at our learning 
including:  Pattern Math, Painting, Square Dancing, Poems & Songs, 
No Bake
Haystack Cookies, Writing a Story, and Corny Jokes.  Learning fun...
Scarecrow Day 2010

We had a beautiful fall day for our apple orchard trip.  Check out 
slideshow to see our sunny smiles and fall fun!
Apple Orchard Field Trip 2010

Check out the wonderful fall day we had for our Johnny Appleseed Day 
and learning stations!  What wonderful parent support we had too!  
Thanks to
all...we had a fabulous day of learning
Johnny Appleseed Day and Parade 2010

We learned about America and the freedom he have that makes us so 
Check out our patriots...wearing red, white, and blue.  We LOVE the 
Patriot Day 2010

We LOVE Dr. Seuss!  What a fun day we had.  Check out our learning 
and reading
Dr. Seuss Day- Green Eggs and Ham 2012

Valentine's Day Fun!
Valentine's Day 2012

Check out all of the ways we explored 100 on 100 Day!  It sure was a 
fun day
of learning...worth the wait for sure!
100 Day 2012

We finally had a snowy day on Snow Day!  We caught snowflakes and 
looked at
crystals.  We made mini snowmen and snow angels.  Most of all we 
had fun
together.  Inside we did a blubber experiment, turned liquids into 
solids, and
made Shake and Bake Ice Cream.  What a Fun Snow Day at school!
Snow Day 2012

We watched the clock at noon and celebrated being back at school for 
2012.  We
have a lot of learning to do!
Happy New School Year 2012

Take a peek at the fun we had creating a house for Jan Brett's 
Baby Character!  We each brought candy to use to decorate and had 
so many
choices when we added details to our houses!  What a great 
Gingerbread Houses 2011

Step back in time to the 50's as we celebrated our 50th Day of 
School.  We
explored the number 50 and learned a lot about life long ago.  Check 
out our
learning fun...
50th Day of School 2011

Check out our fall fun on this beautiful, sunny day.  Lots of scary 
and silly smiles both at the parade and party.  Enjoy!
Fall Party and Parade 2011

Check out all of the math we did with pumpkins.  Working 
cooperatively was the
word of the day.  We estimated weight, circumference, and if our 
could float.  We predicted the number of seeds we would find and 
counted them
in groups of ten.  What a fun way to do math!
Pumpkin Math 2011

Scarecrow Day was a fall celebration of learning complete with  
dancing, corny jokes, writing stories, painting, scarecrow popcorn 
patterns and tally tables, and fun!  Check out our day full of fun 
Scarecrow Day 2011

Even though it rained, we were all smiles celebrating Johnny 
birthday!  Check out all of the learning fun that took place inside 
classroom thanks to our marvelous parent volunteers!
Johnny Appleseed Day 2011

We celebrated America on this Patriot Day 2011!  We sang patriotic 
songs, made
friendship bracelets, and learned about our flag.  We learned what 
it means
when we say "The Pledge of Allegiance."  Finally we had a flag 
parade and
joined the whole school in making a "living" flag!  We LOVE 
Patriot Day 2011

We celebrated America on this Patriot Day 2012!  We sang patriotic 
songs, made
friendship bracelets, and learned about our flag.  We learned what 
it means
when we say "The Pledge of Allegiance."  Finally we had a flag 
parade and
joined the whole school in making a "living" red, white, and blue 
star.  We
LOVE America!
Patriot Day 2012

Check out all of the fun we had with apples and Johnny Appleseed.  
We learned
a lot about history too and how Johnny Appleseed helped the 
pioneers.  We even
made yummy applesauce!  What a great day of learning!
Johnny Appleseed Day 2012

Check out the fall fun we had on Scarecrow Day!  What a day of math, 
writing, art, dance, and FUN!
Scarecrow Day 2012

Who knew we could learn so much about math with pumpkins?
Pumpkin Math 2012

Fall party and parade complete with costumes.
Fall Party/Parade 2012

Look at all of the fun we had exploring 50 on our 5oth day of 
school.  Life in
the 50's sure was different!  Check out our day of learning...
50's Day Celebration 2012

What a fun way to learn about The First Thanksgiving...
Thanksgiving Program 2012

Come and join us for a ride on the Polar Express!
Polar Express 2012

We read Gingerbread Baby and designed our version of the house he 
should live
in.  Take a peek at our fun experience.
Gingerbread Houses 2012

We celebrated at noon on our first day back in 2013!  What a great 
way to get
motivated to learn in the new school year...
HappyNew  School Year 2013

Check out all of the math we did on 100 Day!
Our 100th Day of School 2013

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!  Check out the fun day we had celebrating 
Dr. Seuss
and his books. We mad green eggs and ham and had a fabulous read-in 
with Dr.
Seuss books.
Dr. Seuss Day 2013

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