Welcome to the 2015-2016 School Year! I am looking forward to an enjoyable and rewarding year with your student.

Dear Jr. High Parents,
 We would like to inform you about our summer reading requirements for Junior High students. This is a mandatory reading assignment, because we want to
encourage our students to get ahead of the game before students begin school in the fall. The assignment is to read 2 books from the BOB list. Even though we have silent reading on an almost daily basis, the students are always encouraged to read on their own. We have attached our Battle of the Books list for next year. Reading any of the
following books, along with completing a book report (form to be used follows
this letter) will be counted in the Reading Grade for the first trimester.
You may read two AR books, complete two book reports, or you may do one of
each. Books that are listed on our Accelerated Reading Book list can also be
used toward their AR grade for the first trimester. Books that are starred
are included in the Accelerated Reading test list. In compliance with Common
Core Standards, we have included several non-Fiction books, as well as

2015/2016 BOB List for 6th, 7th, and 8th Grades

*Flipped                                              Wendelin Van Draanen
*The Graveyard Book                      Neil Gaiman
*The Lightning Thief                       Rick Riordan
*Flush                                                Carl Hiaasen
*When You Reach Me                     Rebecca Stead
*My Life in Dog Years                    Gary Paulsen
*Al Capone Does My Shirts            Gennifer Choldenko
*Shooting Kabul                               N.H. Senzai
*The Maze Runner                          Mark Deakins
*Loot                                                 Jude Watson
*The Midnight Zoo                         Sonya Hartnett
*Steelheart                                       Brandon Sanderson
*Come August, Come Freedom: The Bellows, the Gallows and the Black General
                                                          Gabriel   Gigi Amateau
*The Brooklyn Nine                       Alan Gratz
*Chasing Lincoln’s Killer              James Swanson
*The Family Romanov: Murder, Rebellion, and the Fall of Imperial Russia
                                                          Candace Fleming
*I Kill a Mockingbird                     Paul Acampora
*How They Choked: Failures, Flops, and Flaws of the Awfully Famous
                                                          Georgia Bragg
*The Port Chicago 50: Disaster, Mutiny, and the Fight for Civil Rights
                                                          Steve Sheinkin
*Team Moon: How 400,000 People Landed Apollo 11 on the Moon              
                                                          Catherine Thimmesh

Template for Book Reports

This is the template for book reports.  All responses should be on a
separate piece of paper typed and free of spelling and grammatical errors. 
All responses should also be detailed and well thought out.  Half-hearted and
lazy answers will not be accepted.  All book report responses will have a
minimum of five sentences in each answer.
Include the following:
*Number of pages.
1.List the main characters with a detailed description for each.

2.Describe the setting of the story.

3.What is the author’s mood and tone of the story?  Give detailed
descriptions with examples from the story.

4.Describe the rising action of the story in detail.

5.Describe the falling action of the story in detail.

6.What is the conclusion of the story?

7.Write three character traits of the main character in detail with examples
from the story.

8.If you could meet the author, what questions would you ask him/her about
your book.

9.Do you think the author wrote this book from his/her imagination alone, or
was research involved? Elaborate and be specific!

10.Would you recommend this book? Why or why not, be specific and elaborate
on your reasoning.

Again this year, grades will be posted on the Powerschool website. If you do
not remember your user name or password, please contact the office as soon as
possible. I do not have access to that information. Please check your grades
on a regular basis. I return assignments as soon as I have them graded. The
grading scale is posted on the powerschool site. This year grades will be
updated every 3 weeks. Because they are readily available at all times, there
will be no official progress report.  As a general rule, I normally post grades and update them once a week usually on Friday.

Homework will be posted on this site every night under the 209 Homework tab.
If I am told what the homework is in other classes, I will post that as well.
However, I am not responsible if there are any mistakes in the posting of
homework for classes that I do not teach. You need to check the websites of
the other teachers.
Students are still responsible for copying down assignments in class before
leaving for the day. We write down the assignments each day on a homework
board. This ensures that students will bring home the necessary books.

To get ahead start on Reading this year, students may bookmark their Reading text book (make sure students are typing in the password a 0 and not an o):
The link to the online Reading text book is included as well as the student's pass code.
Student passcode is: BFB0934A68
Go to the Link Section on left under class calendar and follow directions to access Literature Book!
Happy Reading!!

I am looking forward to a spectacular year!