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ACT Aspire Scores

I do not know how your student's ACT Aspire scores will be sent out since they would normally be sent them home in the fall. Your PowerSchool parent portal is set up so that the scores are available to parents online through the portal. For students who are attending another Archdiocese school in the fall, their new school will have the Aspire scores available to be sent home in the fall.
Here are the directions to access your student's scores through the PowerSchool Parent Portal:
To access your student's ACT Aspire scores, you must first go to the following URL: https://archchicago.powerschool.com/public
Here you will enter your username and password to sign into the Parent Portal.
Upon logging in, you should see a blue button displaying "Retrieve ACT Scores" which you will have to click on.
Your browser will open a new tab showing a message. It will appear differently depending on the browser you are using (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer) so each will be labeled for you to see which applies. This is the browser taking precaution since you are entering a different website that is not PowerSchool because the ACT files are saved elsewhere. You click on the browser you are using to be sent to the proper page.
Follow the directions to download the PDF. Once the PDF finishes downloading, the tab should close itself and you'll be back on the Parent Portal page. Here you'll notice that there is a persistent loading bar. To get around this, refresh the page by either pressing F5 on the keyboard or by clicking the reload button at the top of the browser.

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