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1st Grade
      Ms. Bolger:  click here     
      Mrs. Hanwell:
      Ms. Henry:     
      Mrs. Thede:  click here      

2nd Grade
      Mrs. Bass: click here    
      Mrs. Lee:     
      Ms. Morrow: click here  
      Ms. Zelman:  Zelman 5-15-11
3rd Grade 
      Mr. Abel: click here      
      Mrs. Jarolin: click here   
      Ms. Rafferty:  October 1    October 22   November-12                

      Mrs. Sabados: click here  

4th grade
      Mrs. Fogarty: click here       
      Ms. Padron: click here        
      Mr. Poulopoulos: click here       

5th Grade
       Mrs. Ellis:          
         Mrs. Hartigan: click here     
       Mrs. O'Malley: click here     
       Ms. Singley: