5th Grade Links

The Middle Ages

Encyclopedia Britannica Online "castle" Contains information about the structure of a castle and castle defenses Encyclopedia Britannica "Middle Ages" Contains information about life in a castle Encyclopedia Britannica "armor" Contains information about a knight's armor Medieval Castles Information about the history of castles, their defenses, and their weaknesses Storm the Castle General information about castles and knights, including weapons of defense and photos Castles of Britain Contains information about knights, life in a castle, the structure of a castle, castle defenses and medieval weapons Castles of the World Contains information about the structure of a castle, residents of a castle and a knight's clothing and armor Annenberg/CPB's The Middle Ages Contains information about medieval clothing Castles of Wales Contains information about castles in Wales Middle Ages.Net Links to lots of information about the Middle Ages Feudalism in Britian Information about feudal life Feudalism Lots of information about life in feudal times Nova: Life in a Castle How did the people in the castle really live?


Encyclopedia Britannica Online Contains information about all explorers Enchanted Learning Contains information on all explorers Contains information about Columbus, John Cabot, Champlain, Cartier and others The Mariners' Museum Contains information about Prince Henry, Columbus, da Gama, Magellan, Francis Drake, Henry Hudson, John Cabot, Cartier, the Vikings and others PBS: The West Contains information about Coronado and others Viking Network Contains information about Viking life Nova Vikings Contains information about the Vikings

Solar System

NASA's Planetary Photojournal National Geographic Virtual Solar System University of Michigan Windows to the Universe Astronomy for Kids The Exploratorium Auroras Eight Planets Amazing Space

Natural Disasters

NOAA Photo Library Contains pictures of all natural disasters and their after-effects National Weather Service National Weather Service for Kids Contains information about tornadoes, floods, hurricanes and blizzards National Geographic Forces of Nature Contains information about volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes FEMA for Kids Contains information on preparing for floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and fires Volcanoes How Volcanoes Work Volcanoes by Annenberg/CPB Hurricanes AccuSchool's Hurricane Center weather.com's Storm Encyclopedia NOAA Hurricane Center Tornadoes weather.com's Storm Encyclopedia Earthquakes US Government Earthquake Hazards Program PBS Savage Earth Floods weather.com's Storm Encyclopedia Blizzards weather.com's Storm Encyclopedia Fires Hot Shot Photo Journal wilderness firefighter's photo journal with related links Smokey the Bear site includes information about fire fighting and the prevention of forest fires


InfoPlease Biographies of Notable Women Academy of Achievement, Biographies and Interviews Fact Monster People Ducksters Biographies of Famous People

Native Americans

Native Americans in Olden Times Native Americans Encyclopedia Britannica - Native Americans Native Americans