About The Teacher

NAME: Mrs. Labovic

SCHOOL: Forest Ridge Academy

CLASS: Middle School - 8th grade homeroom

SCHOOL PHONE: 219/756-7300 ext 28

About The Teacher


CERTIFICATE:  Illinois type 03 certificate certified to teacher K-9
              Hold endorsements in Language Arts and Social Studies

EDUCATION:    Master in Education - Elementary Education, DePaul University
              Master in Arts - Public Service Management, DePaul University
              Bachelor of Arts - DePaul University


              *Teacher, Forest Ridge Academy

               Committees:  Diversity Com., Discipline Com.,Faculty Life    
               Com., Athletic Com., Talented & Dev Com., Curriculum Com.    
               Activities Taught:  Baseball/Softball, Soccer,Get Up & Move,
               Junior Basketball, Coach FRA soccer team, Debate Team     

               Sponsor for Student Council, Monti-Hender Captains    
              *Teacher, Chicago Public Schools                
              *Taught grades 3-8; Dir. of Summer Social Cntr. for 4 years; 
              *Member of Local School Council; Intermediate 
               Chairperson 3 years;
              *Member of Internal Review Team, School Improvement Planning 
               Comm, Technology Team,and Professional Development Committee.

               Coaching Experience. . .
              *Assistant Coach-Women's Softball, DePaul University  1989-1995
              *Head Coach- European Travel Softball Team  1984-1995
              *Head Coach-Washington High School 1996-1997
              *Co-Head Coach- Whiteford Marlins  1996
              *Head Coach-Girls' Basketball, Chicago Public Schools 1995-2001
              *Assistant Coach-Girls' Basketball, Jamieson School (CPS) 1994

              *Winner of the BP A+ for Energy Grant for two years (2007 and 
              *Recipient of the Rochelle Lee Fund Award for reading - 3 years
              *Stream Leader for the Rochelle Lee Team - 2 years
              *8th grade class featured in Annenburg Project 'mini-
               documentary" for extensive research on community history 
              *CAPS community service award from Chicago Beat 434
              *Selected to participant in 'Teachers as Scholars" seminars
              *Brought 'Clean and Green Program' and "Open Lands" to Bright 
              *Inducted into DePaul University Athletic Hall of Fame (2009)
              *Athletic Scholarship-Women's Softball, DePaul University
              *Phi Delta Kappa
              *Member of the following museums:  Mexican Fine Arts Center 
               Museum, Shedd Aquarium, Field Museum and the Science, and 
               Industry Museum
              *Indiana Association of Independent Schools
              *Lake Michigan Association of Independent Schools
              *Indiana Non-public Education Association
              *Independent Schools Association of Central States
              *Northwest Indiana Reading Council
              *National Council for the Social Studies

              *9 Essential Skills for Love & Logic
              *Quantum Learning
              *Homework Practices That Work Conference
              *ISACS 2009 Annual Conference
              *Creating an Edge Effect (work smarter)
              *Why Do They Act That Way: A Guide to the Adolescent Brain
              *The Brain Rewired:  Teaching at Its Best
              *How to Be An Effective and Successful Teacher
              *There is Only One Way to Improve Student Achievement
              *Writing, Writing, Writing
              *Top Twelve Suggestions for Teaching Boys
              *A Multi-Disciplinary Study of the Vietnam War
              *The Culture of Indulgence Comes to the Classroom
              *Linda-Mood Bell Visualizing and Verbalizing, training for 
              *Linda-Mood Bell On Cloud Nine, training for math
              *Teaching Reading with Literature Circles
              *Lucy Caulkins Writing Workshop
              *27th Annual Conf. on the Improvement of Mathematics
              *Criterion On-line Writing Workshop
              *Fluency's Affect on Reading Comprehension (Kristina Smekens)
              *90th National Council for the Social Studies Annual Conference

Class Mission

Learning is an adventure. . . bring your energy and positive attitude to 
class every day! We work together to fortify our strengths and eliminate our 
weaknesses.  FRA students are leaders and we strive to help one another 
recognize our own leadership qualities.