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Congratulations!  Your team has been selected to help our class choose a new 
classroom pet!  Your team gets to investigate four possible pets and choose 
the one you feel is best for the whole class. 

Each team member will have ONE of the following important jobs to complete:

    1) Animal Expert:    You will research interesting facts about the 
    2) Habitat Helper:  You will research what the best type of home is for 
                                  each animal and what supplies are needed.
    3) Budget Keeper:   You will research the cost of buying each animal and 
                                  its home.
    4) Pet Caregiver:     You will research what type of daily and weekly 
                                  care each animal will need.
After doing your research you will work closely with your team members to 
decide which animal is the best choice for the whole class.  You then get to 
create an interesting presentation to persuade your classmates to choose 
that pet!  Good luck and have fun!

This task meets Indiana Academic English/Language Arts and Science standards. Please visit the Standards page for more details.

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