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Now it's time to get started!  First, meet as a group to decide who will 
perform each job.  Are you the Animal Expert, Habitat Helper, Budget Keeper, 
or Pet Caregiver?  Now follow the steps below to complete your mission.
Each member of the team must research all four pets to collect information meeting their specific job description. First, print a Record Sheet, from the Record Sheet link above to record your findings. Then visit YOUR job page for your procedure.
After all team members have collected their information about all four animals, meet as a group. Each member should take a few minutes to explain what they discovered about each animal and give their recommendation for the new class pet. After all group members have shared their information, the team must work together to decide which animal would be BEST for the class pet. Make sure you can back up your team decision with reasons. REMEMBER: You are looking at the animals from the view of YOUR job, but the group must come to an agreement. Which animal is best OVERALL?
Now that your group has selected the best class pet, you must create a presentation to persuade the class to choose this pet. Working together your group should create ONE of the following: Design a Poster Television Commercial Design a Brochure Create and Sing a Song Other - Ask the teacher if you have a different idea. No matter which way you present your pet to the class, it must include the following: 1) Name and illustration of the animal (detailed drawing or photo) 2) AT LEAST three interesting facts about the animal, its home, how to care for it, or how much it costs. 3) AT LEAST three good reasons why this is the best pet for the class. 4) Anything else your group feels is important. REMEMBER: You are trying to persuade the class that this is the best pet, so be creative and give good information. Your presentation is important so that the class can make a good decision.
Now it's time to give your presentation to the class! Each group will have five to ten minutes to give their presentation. Please make sure you bring all materials you might need on the day of the presentations. After all presentations are complete, the whole class will decide together which pet is best for the class.

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