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Budget Keeper


Your goal is to decide which animal would best fit into the class budget.  
In other words, which animal and its home will cost the LEAST amount of 


1.  RESEARCH - Using the Internet links and the following information 
    determine the cost of each pet and its home.  

             Cost of TURTLE: $23.00  
             Cost of GERBIL:  $7.00
             Cost of 8 FISH: $14.00
             Cost of 2 TOADS:$27.00   

        ANIMAL HOMES (find these homes on the Internet links below):
             The TURTLE needs a 20 gallon aquarium.
             The GERBIL needs a small animal cage or 10 gallon aquarium.
             The 8 FISH need a 10 gallon aquarium.
             The 2 TOADS need a 10 gallon aquarium.

2.  WRITE - On your the Record Sheet, write the cost of each animal (use the 
    costs above) and the cost of its home in the correct box.  (If you have 
    not printed a Record Sheet, please use the Internet link below.)

3.  ADD - Use a calculator to ADD the cost of each animal to the cost of its 
    home.  Write the total in the correct box.  Repeat for each animal.  Now 
    ask another member of your group to check your answers.  

4.  DECIDE - Look at the total cost of each animal plus its home.  Which one 
    will cost the class the LEAST amount of money?  Using a highlighter, 
    HIGHLIGHT this cost and the name of this animal.

5.  WRITE - Complete the sentence at the bottom of the Record Sheet to 
    explain which animal is best for the class based on the LOWEST price.

RECORD SHEET - Print this to record your findings.

Pets Warehouse - Gerbil homes

Pets Warehouse - Aquariums

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