English Language Arts

The week of September 22nd in English Language Arts:

   This week we will cover the following:
  • To Kill a Mockingbird
    • We will continue reading Harper Lee's classic To Kill a Mockingbird. Before starting the novel, we studied the setting background for the novel and discussed The Great Depression as well as the Civil Rights movement. We will be doing more activities with this setting as well. We are reading through and getting familiar with Lee's style of writing, the characters, and the point-of-view the story is told from.   

Students have received their Independent Novels project options. There are 15 options for students to choose from and each option will be worth 100 points. I look for effort, creativity, and knowledge of their novel when grading the projects.


This year students will also have a weekly grammar mini-lesson. Each Monday they will be taught a skill and each Friday they will be assessed over that skill. During the week I will have 2-3 small study activities for this skill, but students are expected to study their notes each night at home to ensure they are retaining and learning the new information! 

This week's grammar lesson: None

As always, if there are any questions

please e-mail me!

Ms. Fairchild