English Language Arts

This week in 7th grade English Language Arts

Welcome to 7th grade! I'm so excited to have all of 7th graders this year and am looking forward to a great year with them. Next week we will really start buckling down with work and getting the hang of new routines. Just a few notes for parents/guardians and a reminder to the students:

  • I have a new class website that I will be using for all of middle school; there are separate tabs for each class. The link for that site is: https://sites.google.com/site/missfairchildsmuggles/
  • This website will have different materials/resources for parents and anything the students will need. This will hopefully go as well as I am imagining!
  • Next week students will start their weekly grammar lessons/quizzes. Monday they will receive a mini-lesson over a grammar topic, have a few short 10-15 minutes study sessions in class, then quiz on Friday. I will post the topics each week on here and on the Google class website.
  • Next week students will also start turning in the Literature Logs. Links to the description of this project can be found on the Google class website. These will be due each Friday; they have to turn in 5 logs over the course of the quarter.

I hope that I have cleared some things up, and am looking forward to really digging in with the kids on Monday!

Any questions, feel free to contact me!


Ms. Fairchild