English Language Arts

The week of February 23rd in English Language Arts:

This week we will cover the following

  • Persuasive Essay
Students have been working on their Persuasive Essays. They chose their topic, did research to find support for their claim, and are writing their essays.

Rough Drafts Due: Tuesday, February 24th at the end of class

    There is an Independent Novel Project due this quarter. Students will create a book trailer for their chosen book and present it to the class. PROJECT DUE THIS FRIDAY

    Due Date: Friday, February 27th

    Students will also have a weekly grammar mini-lesson. Each Monday they will be taught a skill and each Friday they will be assessed over that skill. During the week I will have 2-3 small study activities for this skill, but students are expected to study their notes each night at home to ensure they are retaining and learning the new information!

    This week's grammar lesson: No Grammar Lesson

    Next week's grammar lesson: Colon Use

    As always, if there are any questions

    please e-mail me!


    Ms. Fairchild