English Language Arts

The week of March 23rd in English Language Arts:

This week we will cover the following

  • Kansas State Assessments
    We will finish state assessments on Monday. Students absent during testing before Spring Break will make up those tests as well.

  • Speech Contest
    This week we will be working on researching/writing the speeches for the Modern Woodmen School Speech contest. More information on the contest to come! The theme for this year is: an interesting landmark.

Students will also have a weekly grammar mini-lesson. Each Monday they will be taught a skill and each Friday they will be assessed over that skill. During the week I will have 2-3 small study activities for this skill, but students are expected to study their notes each night at home to ensure they are retaining and learning the new information!

This week's grammar lesson: No Grammar Lesson

As always, if there are any questions

please e-mail me!


Ms. Fairchild