Los Alamos National Laboratory's Periodic Table/Info about the 
elements site

Tom Lehrer's Elements Song w/animation

Biology Resources (including diagram of microscopes)

Good Periodic Trends organizer

Great chemistry resource

Activity Series of Metals

Great Chemistry Resources

Chemistry Review Game #1

Chemistry Review Game #2

Chemistry Review Game #3

Download for Windows Journal Viewer (to be able to view some 

Link to Anatomy & Physiology textbook website

Periodic Table Game

Conversion Factors for all units

Chemistry Resource videos for a variety of topics

Periodic Table of Ions

Standard Periodic Table

AP Chemistry Periodic Table

Polyatomic Ions Flashcard Practice

Lecture Notes and Solutions to Chapter Problems (Zumdahl 5th edition)

Released AP Chem Free Response Questions with Answers

Released AP Chem Multiple Choice and Free Response with Answers