Welcome to Chemistry!

While this site is meant to help you, it will not eliminate the need to pay attention in class.
Due to the nature of the subject, some special symbols, graphs, etc., will have to be hand drawn and won't appear on these pages.  Also, more explanation is given in class than the notes may imply.  If you are not paying attention, you might miss something really important one of my jokes!
For the most part, the material for both honors and on level classes is the same.  The difference in the two classes has more to do with what I expect you to do with the information than the content.

So, now, Team Junot, let's get started!!!
Okay, the grading period has ended and I didn't get the grade I was hoping for.  Use this form (Student-Grade-Assessment-Yes-I-can.docx) and a copy of all of your grades to see where the problems lie and determine what you should do differently.